Login via PostFinance App

The quickest way into e-finance

Access e-finance or e-trading quickly and easily: all you need is your fingerprint or your Face ID – and you’re logged in. The new login procedure works via the PostFinance App. You can now also approve online purchases made with a credit card by using fingerprint or Face ID instead of the 3-D Secure password you previously used. Once you’ve discovered this new login procedure for yourself, you won’t want to go back.

Thanks to login via app, access to e-finance or e-trading is more convenient than ever: you can log in quickly and easily with your fingerprint or Face ID – and, after one-off activation, you will no longer need a password.

The advantages for you

  • Convenient login via the PostFinance App without a yellow card reader

  • Log in to e-finance and e-trading securely within seconds

  • Quickly and easily via fingerprint or Face ID

  • Suitable for logging in on desktop devices, tablets and smartphones

  • In certain cases, you can check payments and confirm them via the PostFinance App

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