Login via PostFinance App

The quickest way into e-finance

Access e-finance or e-trading quickly and easily: all you need is your fingerprint or your Face ID – and you’re logged in. The new login procedure works via the PostFinance App. You can now also approve online purchases made with a credit card by using fingerprint or Face ID instead of the 3-D Secure password you previously used. Once you’ve discovered this new login procedure for yourself, you won’t want to go back.

Thanks to login via app, access to e-finance or e-trading is more convenient than ever: you can log in quickly and easily with your fingerprint or Face ID – and, after one-off activation, you will no longer need a password.

The advantages for you

  • Convenient login via the PostFinance App without a yellow card reader

  • Log in to e-finance and e-trading securely within seconds

  • Quickly and easily via fingerprint or Face ID

  • Suitable for logging in on desktop devices, tablets and smartphones

  • In certain cases, you can check payments and confirm them via the PostFinance App

Mobile banking login

E-banking login

    1. Install the PostFinance App on your smartphone
    2. Open the PostFinance App
    3. Tap on the navigation menu in the top left (three horizontal lines) and then on the menu item “Login via app”
    4. Activate the login with the yellow card reader right away or order an activation QR code, which we will send to you by post
    • Login details (e-finance number or username, e-finance password and user identification (only for customers with multiple users, e.g. a partner account))
    • Smartphone (iOS or Android)
    • PostFinance Mobile App
    • Yellow card reader and PostFinance Card with ID function or activation QR code 

    Security information

    • Login via app meets the highest security standards
    • The PostFinance App automatically encrypts the transfer of all sensitive data
    • Protect your smartphone with a PIN code to prevent access by unauthorized persons
    • Due to increased security requirements, it is no longer possible to use the latest version (4.8.0) of the PostFinance App on rooted/jailbroken smartphones
    • Login via PostFinance App is free of charge
    • Mobile data must be activated on your smartphone. Any costs charged by the mobile provider (e.g. push messages, roaming) are borne by the customer

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