Flat hierarchies for personal teamwork

PostFinance Ltd is a private limited company under private law and a fully-owned subsidiary of Swiss Post Ltd, established under and managed subject to Swiss law. It is regulated by the Swiss Financial Market Supervisory Authority (FINMA) and has been granted a licence in accordance with the Banking Act. The Board of Directors is the highest official body within PostFinance Ltd. The PostFinance Ltd Executive Board is responsible for operational management. Simple structures and flat hierarchies within the company allow short lines of communication and close cooperation. This is how we remain flexible and continually keep our organization focused on the market. It benefits all of our customers, and helps us tailor our solutions and offers to their requirements.

The picture shows the organization of PostFinance Ltd. The Board of Directors is composed of the following members: Marcel Bührer (Chairman), Jürg Brun, Giulia Fitzpatrick, Alex Glanzmann, Bernadette Koch, Hans Lauber (Vice-Chairman of the Board of Directors) and Michaela Troyanov. Manuel Gwerder is the Secretary to the Board of Directors and Isabella Stalder is Head of Internal Auditing. The image depicts the seven units, “Payment Solutions”, “Retail Banking”, “Platform Business”, “Finance”, “Governance, Risk, Compliance & Legal”, “Strategy & Transformation” and “IT & Operations”, as well as “Digital First Banking”, a joint venture with a 50% participation from PostFinance. The Executive Board is composed of the following members with voting rights: Hansruedi Köng, Chief Executive Officer, Ron Schneider, Chief Business Unit Officer Payment Solutions a.i., Sandra Lienhart, Chief Business Unit Officer Retail Banking, Kurt Fuchs, Chief Financial Officer, Felicia Kölliker, Chief Risk Officer, Gabriela Länger, Chief Transformation Officer, Markus Fuhrer, Chief Operation Officer. Markus Schwab, Chief Business Unit Officer Digital First Banking und Thomas Jakob, Chief Business Unit Officer Platform Business are not eligible to vote in the EB. Fabia Schild is responsible for the management of the Secretariat of the CEO and Board of Directors.