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PostFinance is all about investment expertise – and has been for 25 years. Monitoring economic developments on the financial markets and the global economy is one of the PostFinance investment committee’s core tasks. We are happy to share our expertise with you in our periodic publications and videos, which provide you with easy-to-understand answers to your investment questions.

Annual awards for the best asset managers from BILANZ

The double seal of approval awarded by Bilanz magazine shows that PF remains one of the best asset managers in Switzerland in 2024. The logos of Bilanz magazine and financial service provider firstfive appear on both seals. The seal shows 5 stars and the title “Best Asset Managers in Switzerland 2024”, followed by the text “Outstanding Result”. One seal represents the “Sharpe Ratio 36 Months” category, and the other the “Top Yield 36 Months” category. Both are balanced for the risk class.

For the fourth year running, PostFinance has been ranked among the top five asset managers in Switzerland in the custody account performance comparison. Its high level of investment expertise is impressively demonstrated by the very good Sharpe ratio, which measures the returns generated in relation to the risk taken.

“Investing with foresight” short video

In his monthly video message, our Chief Investment Officer Philipp Merkt reports on the economic and financial markets, contextualizes developments and explains what you need to know as an investor in order to make the right decisions.

Investment compass

The investment compass provides PostFinance’s house view of the financial markets in concise form. It draws upon our investment and research expertise and aims to provide you with the best, most up-to-date investment appraisals. 


PostFinance consumption indicator

The PostFinance consumption indicator shows a year-on-year comparison of Swiss consumer expenditure each month. It is similar to the Retail Trade Turnover Statistics published by the Swiss Federal Statistical Office, but is available more rapidly. Our data is also more comprehensive. This allows us to develop additional, seasonally adjusted consumer indicators, which comprise expenditure for specific goods and services (“everyday & household”, “beauty & wellness”, “recreation & leisure” and “travel”).


Investment navigator 2024: waiting for the turning point

What can investors expect for 2023? Our aspiration with the annual PostFinance investment navigator is to provide a review of the highlights of the past year, to take a look at today's view of the market and to venture a look into the future. We analyse opportunities and risks and highlight prospects for Swiss investors. If you would like to receive the investment navigator automatically each year, subscribe to the investment compass.

Topics in the current edition:

  • Interview: “Strategy is called for during downturns, and courage during upturns”
  • A look back at 2022: A turbulent year lies behind us
  • Our portfolios in 2022
  • Prospects 2023: Attention shifts to the weak economy
  • Opportunities and risks: The big issues for 2023

Here’s how we form our market view

Find out more about how your investment strategy is incorporated into the e-asset management and investment consulting plus products.

Investment compass newsletter

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