Block or unblock your card and order a replacement card

Your card has been stolen or is defective? You can block and unblock your card yourself free of charge in e-finance. You also have the option of ordering a new card. The new card you order will be sent to your home within a few days.

In e-finance

Log in and do it yourself in e-finance.

In the app

You can also block your card and order a replacement yourself in the app. You can find these functions under > More > My cards.


Of course, we are also available by telephone.

CardFrom SwitzerlandFrom abroad
PostFinance Card
From Switzerland
0800 88 88 77
From abroad
+41 848 88 88 77
PostFinance credit cards and prepaid cards
From Switzerland
0848 888 400
From abroad
+41 44 828 32 81
Travel card
From Switzerland
031 710 12 15
From abroad
+41 31 710 12 15

Have a replacement card sent abroad

Are you currently abroad and want us to send you the new card internationally? No problem. Call us to arrange this.

Withheld cards

Cards that have been withheld by an ATM either in Switzerland or abroad will be destroyed and cannot be reclaimed. Please block the withheld card immediately and order a replacement card.