Become a business customer

Welcome to PostFinance

Starting a new banking relationship doesn’t have to be complicated. We can answer your questions in a telephone call. We’ll explore your requirements and ensure that you can start carrying out your financial transactions with PostFinance in no time.

Become a business customer in four steps

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    1. Arrange an appointment online

    Arrange a consultation directly. To do so, we will require some details from you. This will take around five minutes.
  • 2. A staff member will contact you by telephone

    You will receive a telephone call at the arranged time. We’ll explore your requirements and fill in the documentation. The appointment will last for a maximum of 45 minutes.
  • 3. You will receive the documentation to sign

    You will receive the documentation by post within three working days. Check the details, sign the documents and return them.
  • 4. You can now use the account and other services

    Your chosen accounts will be opened and other services will be available to use within a few working days.

Would you like to become a PostFinance business customer?

Our staff would be happy to help you.

Questions and answers

  • The person must be able to provide information about the company or association and its financial situation. The person does not necessarily have to be an authorized signatory.

  • To ensure that your call runs as smoothly as possible, please have the following details ready: 

    • Account purpose: what will the account be used for?
    • Beneficial ownership: who will own the assets in the banking relationship? Who holds assets of more than 25 percent?
    • Authorized representatives: which persons will represent the company or association vis-à-vis PostFinance?
    • For associations, we require the details from articles of association and election records.
    • For international companies, we require the extract from the commercial register.

    Additionally for capital payment accounts: have all the information (names, dates of birth and asset origins) on the investors (people/companies paying in capital) to hand. 

  • It will take a few working days. To ensure quick processing, you can help in a few ways. Check the documents for completeness and accuracy. Sign all the documents with a legally valid signature. Return the documents to PostFinance quickly. Have your identity verified quickly (if necessary).

  • As soon as your account has been opened, you can execute payments and receive money. The opening process will take a few working days. PostFinance will send you the IBAN (International Bank Account Number) in writing immediately after the account has been opened.

  • Yes, you can arrange a consultation. During the conversation, we will clarify whether PostFinance is able to enter into a business relationship with you. If the outcome is positive, we will then agree on the next steps for starting your business relationship.