Questions about the PostFinance App

Here you will find many answers regarding the PostFinance App, instructions and help with selected functions.

First steps with the PostFinance App

  • Request your personal e-finance free of charge.
  • The PostFinance App also works abroad provided that roaming is enabled by the contract from the mobile provider. Internet and SMS charges depend on the foreign provider.
    A sufficiently good network connection to send and receive SMS and an Internet connection (at least 3G) are required to use the app.
  • The PostFinance App is only available in the Swiss App Store and Google Play Store. An e-finance subscriber number and the e-finance password, a Swiss SIM card and an iPhone or Android smartphone with a supported operating system are required to use the PostFinance App.
  • The key functions for performing financial transactions have been made accessible in the app.
  • Access to e-finance or e-trading via the app meets the highest security standards, thanks to a multi-level security system.

    More information on online security
  • PostFinance offers apps for Android and iPhone. The following operating systems are supported for the use of these apps.

    Mobile operating systems


  • You can use the PostFinance App itself to submit feedback: open the app and log in > under “More” > above the login button click on “Feedback”  > “Submit feedback”.

    We look forward to receiving your feedback.

  • The PostFinance App has three different login procedures: 
    Login via PostFinance App

    Login with Mobile ID

    Login with the card reader

  • Your device may not be supported, or it may be blocked for other reasons. In this event, please log in using the card reader and your PostFinance Card.
  • To activate Face ID or fingerprint, you have to complete one-time registration with an SMS code and the PostFinance Card or a QR code. 

    • SMS code: for this you will need your e-finance subscriber number, your e-finance password, your PostFinance Card, and your mobile number must be stored with PostFinance. 
    • You can order the QR code directly in the PostFinance App. (Order QR code link). 
  • Make sure you use the QR code in the activation letter. The QR code for the activation of the biometric login (Face ID or fingerprint) is only valid for a few days and can only be used once.

    Order QR code

  • The password must contain between 6 and 100 characters. 
  • The mobile number must be entered for a new registration in the PostFinance App or later in the app settings. Without this information, the “Send money to a mobile number” function, the purchase of digital goods and the loading of prepaid credit are not possible.
  • Select the PostFinance App under “Settings” on your device. Select the required language (DE, EN, IT, FR) under preferred language.

    Possible on Android smartphone app from Android version 13 and later.

Technical questions

  • PostFinance bases its actions on those of the device manufacturers whose operating systems are supported.
    As an alternative, customers can log into e-finance on a PC or smartphone via the web browser.

    More information

  • Due to increased security requirements, you will only be able to use the PostFinance App with Android 7.1 and above.

    More information

  • The app can be used on several devices. However, the biometric login feature (Face ID and fingerprint identification) will only work on one device. Alternatively, you can use a different login method on your other devices (e.g. Mobile ID or a card reader).
  • You can copy and paste passwords from the password manager into the app. The password manager will not enter your e-finance login details automatically for you. Alternatively, you can click on “Skip password” when you log in to the app. In future, you will be able to log in with Face ID or fingerprint identification directly.

Functions and instructions

  • After logging in, you will see a “bell” symbol at the top right where you will find the push messages from the last 30 days.
  • Go to the device-specific instructions at
  • You can modify the account name in the app itself: click on the relevant account and then on “Details”. A pencil icon will appear in the top right, and you will be able to modify the account name.
  • To use e-finance and e-trading in the app, you need your login details (e-finance number or user name, password and, if available, your user identification).

    Request e-finance via this link and receive your personal login details.
  • The account number can be found in the account details: click on the required account > select “Details” next to the yellow payment button > then scroll down to “Account details”.
  • Yes, account documents can be downloaded in the PostFinance App (More > Documents). You can save the documents on your device or share them.  

  • You can scan and approve QR-bills using the “Scan + Pay” function. 

    Here’s how it works: tap “Payments” > “QR-bill” > “Scan QR-bill” or upload a QR-bill directly by selecting “File”.   

    Hold your smartphone’s camera over the QR code on the QR-bill. 

    Additional option for scanning QR-bills
    If you go to a specific account > “Payments” > “Scan + Pay” or “Select file”.  

    Tap the PostFinance App until a grid with different functions appears, then choose between “Select file” or “Scan + Pay”. 

  • Click on the required account. You will see your pending orders in the first section.
  • Hold down the tiles and move them to the required position.
  • For an individual e-finance access with several users, an additional security element is required to log in: the user identification

    What you need to do in the app:
    Firstly uninstall the app and then reinstall it. One-time registration with user identification is then required.

    What you need to do on a PC:
    You have to enter the username in addition to the e-finance number and password.
  • You will find the yellow logout button under “More” (right at the bottom).

    Or you can log out of the PostFinance App easily and securely by shaking your mobile device slightly.

    You can activate or deactivate the “Shake to log out” button under “More” > “Login and security”.

  • There are no payment templates in the app. By going to “Payments” > “New order”, you can search for executed payments by recipient name.
  • In the PostFinance App, your personal e-finance subscriber number is already stored and cannot be overwritten. If you require access to the accounts of other individuals, you can request authorization and its activation in your e-finance. Call us and we will be happy to help you on: 0848 888 710.
  • There are various reasons for notifications being delayed or not arriving.

    It’s often because the device wasn’t connected to the Internet or its energy-saving settings prevented notifications from being accessed. Further information and solutions can be found at

    All notifications can also be viewed at any time in the app’s notification center.

  • Go to the device-specific instructions at

  • You can reset your password 24/7 easily, quickly and independently in the app.

    Under “More”, > “Login and security” > “Reset password” 

    If you have not yet set up a biometric login, tap the “Login” button > “Forgotten/change password”. 

  • Download the beta version of the PostFinance App at and then follow the installation instructions.