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Created on 09.04.2021

E-asset management: how it works

With e-asset management, customers delegate their investment decisions to PostFinance. But how does the solution actually work and where did it rank in Bilanz’s annual award for the best asset managers?

Everyone who hands over their money to be invested in the financial markets wants to know how their assets are invested and how their portfolio is managed. We create transparency and show you exactly how e-asset management works at PostFinance.

How PostFinance determines your individual investment strategy

In specific terms, it’s all about how much risk you are willing to assume (risk appetite), the financial loss you are able to sustain (risk capacity) and what your preferred investment term looks like. You also have the option of deciding on your own personal priorities with an investment focus. You can choose between Switzerland, Global and Sustainability. A portfolio is put together for you on the basis of this information. In your portfolio, the ratio of different asset classes (liquidity, bonds, equities or alternative investments) and the bandwidths in which they can move is optimized in line with your needs. What’s more, you can still adapt the investment proposal yourself.

How portfolio adjustment to market developments is ensured

Financial markets undergo fluctuations. That’s why your portfolio is monitored on a day-to-day basis and adjusted based on your personal investment strategy and with due regard to the current market conditions. That way, we make sure your portfolio is always geared towards making the best investments based on your individual investment strategy. PostFinance’s market view forms the basis for adjustment decisions. The investment committee sets out PostFinance’s positioning and assessment of the financial markets and the overall economic situation each month.

How implementation in your portfolio is ensured

With e-asset management, you can sit back and relax. Our investment experts make the investment decisions for you.

What PostFinance values

The “e” in e-asset management stands for electronic. However, we’re not talking about a digital robot solution for asset management. So yes, it is possible to open e-asset management online for example ― and complex mathematical processes and methods are used for data analysis to define and optimize the composition of investment strategies. However, the analysis carried out by our investment committee ― human beings made of flesh and blood — always plays a key role. Having been in the investment business for over 20 years, PostFinance takes a dependable approach and provides investment solutions that are made to withstand turbulence.

Excellence wins out!

Every year Bilanz honours the best asset managers in Switzerland. In the “Sharpe ratio 36 months ― balanced risk class” and “Top-Yield 36 months ― balanced risk class” category, PostFinance’s e-asset management made it into the top 5 out of 35 competing solutions in 2023.

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