Paying invoices made easy

The QR-bill makes paying invoices easy – scan or import the QR code in the PostFinance App or e-finance and complete the payment. Alternatively, you can pay the QR-bill at Swiss Post branches or by payment order.

QR-bill: simply scan QR codes

  • The process of scanning and importing QR codes via e-finance or the PostFinance App is easy and reliable

  • Quick and automatic: a few clicks is all it takes to complete the payment

  • Payments can also be made at Swiss Post branches or by payment order

  • Create and print/send invoices independently in e-finance using the QR generator

  • Compatible currencies: CHF and EUR

  • How to pay QR-bills

    All payment options are available with QR-bills:

    In e-finance

    To pay a QR-bill via online banking, open e-finance on your PC or laptop. Scan the QR code with your webcam or slip scanner and complete the payment. You can upload invoices you receive as a PDF by dragging and dropping them into e-finance.

    If you cannot scan the QR code, enter the payment information manually into the payment screen in e-finance. You can find the relevant information as text next to the QR code.

    In the PostFinance App

    Select the “QR-bill” option in the “Payments” menu in the PostFinance App. Then you can scan the QR code and execute the payment immediately. If you have received the QR-bill in PDF format by e-mail, click on “Select file” and follow the instructions.

    By standing order

    You can set up a standing order for recurring QR-bills (e.g. for rent or lease payments) in e-finance or in the PostFinance app.

    At Swiss Post branches

    QR-bills can be paid at all Swiss Post branches. You can also pay using the home delivery service or at deposit terminals at selected Swiss Post branches.

    Separate the payment part with the QR code and receipt from the rest of the invoice (via the perforation for QR-bills sent by post or cutting it off for QR-bills sent via email).

    By payment order

    To pay by payment order, fill out a payment order form. You can approve as many QR-bills for payment as you like using one form.

    Enter the number of invoices to be paid, the total amount and the desired due date on the form and send it back to us signed and accompanied by the payment parts of the QR-bills (in A6 format).

    Create, print and send QR-bills

    You can create QR-bills yourself easily and free of charge using our QR generator.

    To send your QR-bill to invoice recipients as a hard copy, you will need to print it onto white, perforated paper.

    You can find perforated paper at The link will open in a new window shop.post.ch, office supply shops or print shops as per The link will open in a new window six-group.com.

    You can also send QR-bills to invoice recipients via e-mail as PDFs.

  • QR-bills can be paid free of charge in e-finance and the PostFinance App.

    QR-bills that you pay via payment order are free with the paper option . Otherwise, a fee of CHF 3 is charged per payment order (unlimited number of payments per payment order).

    If you pay QR-bills at a Swiss Post counter, extra costs may be incurred for invoice issuers.

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