Investment compass – March 2024

The monthly publication includes a topical editorial, our positioning including the conclusions from the analyses, a market overview of the most important asset classes, an assessment of the current economic situation in various regions, and our current model portfolios.

Early spring

The industrial sector appears to be bottoming out. That’s a good sign for stronger growth in China and Europe.

A moderate increase in equity investments in the less expensive markets appears well advised.


Turning point

Economic sentiment continues to improve. In light of the emergent turning point, we are adopting a neutral equity position and are hedging against depreciation of the US dollar.

Market overview

Equity markets remain optimistic

Although monetary policy doesn’t look likely to be relaxed until the second half of 2024, the equity markets remain optimistic thanks to the strong reporting season and AI boom.


Inflation remains a challenge

Inflation is falling significantly in many industrial nations. However, it remains a challenge, particularly in the USA.

Model portfolios

Bulking up

We are taking advantage of the emergent bottoming-out in the global goods economy and adopting a neutral equity position.

“Investing with foresight” short video

In our video, our CIO provides an update on the current situation on the financial markets and explains events in just a few minutes.


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