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Created on 28.04.2021

“I take a holistic approach when advising my customers”

When companies need advice on PostFinance services, they can talk to specialized customer advisors. Ueli Bucher is one of these expert advisors. In this interview, he explains what is important to him in his work and what he wants to offer his customers.

Ueli Bucher works in the Sales team at PostFinance and supports business customers from the Zug, Baar region and parts of the left bank of Lake Zurich. Prior to coronavirus times, he would visit customers on site to learn about their requirements. We talk to him about his job, which he still enjoys every day after ten years, and about the goals he sets for each consultation.

Which customers do you support?

From law firms to gardening companies, garages to casinos, restaurants to tech startups: the Sales team supports companies from a wide variety of industries. They are often young companies that are just starting their businesses. But we also support companies that have been around for longer. The exciting and challenging thing about our work is that every customer has their own needs.

How do these different requirements manifest?

The company’s current phase of development alone plays a major role. When setting up their company, customers usually want a package of services that is easy for them to get started with. To this end, PostFinance provides a starter offer with attractive conditions for the customer. For example, account management is free for the first two years. In a later phase of its growth, a company may need additional services, perhaps because it wants to open an online shop and needs an appropriate payment solution, for example, or because it is doing business in foreign countries and is interested in foreign exchange trading. And, of course, requirements also depend on the type of business. A catering business mostly needs products from the EFT/POS (electronic funds transfer at the point of sale) unit, enabling it to collect cash from its patrons. An international retail company however, probably needs a business account in a foreign currency.

What is especially important to you during a consultation?

It is my mission and my goal to advise every customer holistically based on their business and financial needs. I work with them to put together an offer that matches their needs. It helps that PostFinance offers business customers a wide range of solutions. These range from business accounts to foreign exchange trading, EFT/POS to payment solutions for online shops, credit cards to e-billing. But customers can also call on us to take out insurance from our partner AXA. This includes accident insurance, business liability insurance or legal protection insurance. My consultations also include providing optimization options, both in terms of cost and time. For example, I’m always pleased when I can give the customer a tip that enables them to save resources when processing invoices, allowing them to focus on their core business.

How do you conduct your consultations?

The first meeting is always about finding out what the customer needs. Of course, I turn up prepared, bring prepared proposals and explain the services when the customer expresses an interest. I always have my laptop with me so I can show the customer many of our services immediately. Using the demo version of e-finance, for example, I can show customers how they can do their own foreign currency trading. Or I can explain our payment solutions for online shops. I can also help customers to fill in application forms for new services. After our consultation, I usually arrange a follow-up appointment in which I will contact the customer again to discuss any open questions. Of course, the customer can also contact our team at any time by phone or via e-finance.

You have been supporting PostFinance business customers for ten years. What is it that you love about your work?

Inspired by the idea that every visit, every conversation is different and presents new challenges. And that people always come first, even when discussing business. I want to give every customer the best possible support to help meet their concerns. For the past ten years, I’ve been working in the same region and I’ve been able to support many a customer through the various phases of their business. All the different meetings make for a lot of variety – and ensure that I really, really enjoy doing my everyday work.

About Ueli Bucher

Ueli Bucher has worked at PostFinance for 15 years. After his commercial apprenticeship and a long trip, he began working at the former ticketing department Hello Yellow. After two years, he moved to the business customer department as an internal service employee and graduated from the HFW Business School while working. He has been a business customer consultant for ten years.

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