PostFinance SecureBrowser

The PostFinance SecureBrowser effectively protects you against bank Trojans, phishing attacks, and data theft. It works like a normal browser but does not require installation, administrator rights, or access to your operating system. Only Internet sites authorized by PostFinance can be accessed.

System requirements

The system requirements change on a regular basis. Find out more about the current status.


By downloading the browser you confirm that you have read and understood the legal notice.

User manual

Legal information

The e-finance Subscriber Conditions apply without restriction for the use of e-finance via the PostFinance SecureBrowser (hereinafter also referred to as the security browser), as do the following conditions:

  • The PostFinance SecureBrowser was developed in accordance with the latest technological standards and is provided free of charge. Only Internet sites authorized by PostFinance can be accessed. All users are required to use the security browser in an appropriate manner. You can still use a normal browser at any time and without restriction.
  • The PostFinance Secure Browser is not designed to replace other security products such as virus scanners or firewalls. Absolute security is however not guaranteed when using the PostFinance SecureBrowser. PostFinance Ltd shall, to the extent permissible by law, be excluded from liability for damages and/or consequential damages which arise from the use of the PostFinance SecureBrowser or from the fact that the security browser is temporarily unavailable.
  • Anonymous usage data may be saved for statistical purposes. In justified individual cases such as in instances of fraud or technical disruptions, conclusions may be drawn concerning the use of the PostFinance SecureBrowser and, in turn, about the relevant user.
  • The PostFinance SecureBrowser is protected by copyright laws and international copyright agreements. All content and error and solution descriptions are subject to the copyright held by CORONIC GmbH and may not be used or duplicated without prior written consent.