Secure in e-finance and on the app

PostFinance makes security its top priority for financial transactions conducted online. E-finance uses a comprehensive, multi-level security system.

With a few measures, you can protect your devices from data misuse.

  • Always keep your operating system and any installed apps up to date
  • Use security software (e.g. virus protection)
  • Always ensure there is a secure connection (https, lock icon, certificate owner, and correct domain name) before logging in.
  • If you have any doubts, e.g. due to unusual error messages or system interruption, terminate the connection and get in touch with our Contact Center
  • Choose a strong password (at least 12 characters) with a mix of lower and upper case letters, digits, and special characters for all login procedures, and use it only for e-finance
  • Use the PostFinance App for access from your smartphone, and source your apps exclusively from authorized, reputable providers such as Google Play or Apple App Store
  • Reset your device to the factory settings when you sell it or give it away, so that personal data and apps are deleted
  • Avoid hotspots public WiFi – third parties could access your data
  • Only use encrypted WiFi connections from carriers you trust
  • Activate the device lock, do not grant access to third parties, and protect your data from prying eyes
  • Always log out at the end of your e-finance session
  • Check your account activity regularly – the fastest way to do this is via the App or e-finance – and contact us if you have any questions

Tip: if you enable notifications, you always stay informed about activity on your account.

  • Your payments are protected by a multi-level firewall, strong encryption and automatic transaction monitoring. 

    Secure connection

    Thanks to strong encryption, your connection to PostFinance is secure. You can tell this from the HTTPS address rather than the normal HTTP – the “s” stands for “secure” – and from the lock icon in the browser address bar. For every e-finance initiative, PostFinance also uses a secure digital identity card (EV TLS certificates).

    Fingerprints for certificates at PostFinance

    PostFinance protects all actions in e-finance using strong encryption and a secure digital identity card.

    You can double check the certificate being used has not been altered by looking at the certificate fingerprint.

    Secure login

    Your access to e-finance is protected with modern, multiple-factor authentication. There are three different login options available:

  • PostFinance will never ask you to log in via e-mail or telephone and will not ask you for your security details. If you receive an e-mail asking you to log in, reveal personal data, or open an attachment, it is probably an attempt at fraud. Please contact us if you feel unsafe, suspect an attack, or have even been the victim of an attack.

  • PostFinance SecureBrowser

    Protect yourself effectively against bank Trojans, phishing attacks, and data theft. The PostFinance SecureBrowser works like any other browser – but with no installation, administrator rights, or any other access to your operating system.

    Digital vouchers for security software

    Thanks to the latest technologies, Norton, McAfee, F-Secure and ESET will always ensure you’re using the Internet safely. Protect all of your devices for a whole year. 

  • eBanking – but secure!

    The independent platform run by Lucerne University of Applied Sciences and Arts helps you to better understand your personal information security, including with its courses.

  • For questions about security or technical issues, please call our hotline.

    Calls within Switzerland: 0848 888 700 (max. CHF 0.08/min. in Switzerland)
    Calls from abroad: +41 58 667 99 85 (charged at the provider’s international rate)

    Opening hours

    Monday to Friday: 8 a.m. to 8 p.m.
    Saturday: 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.