Retirement savings account 3a

A flexible approach to providing for the future that allows you to save on taxes

With the retirement savings account 3a from PostFinance, you can build up assets for your future over the long term and also save on taxes. You decide when and how much you pay in.

Retirement savings account 3a: flexible retirement planning with attractive tax benefits

  • Flexible contributions with no payment obligation

  • Save on taxes every year

  • Invest retirement savings account 3a assets in retirement funds and pursue a returns-oriented saving strategy

  • Finance home ownership or indirect amortization of a mortgage 

  • Free account management 

  • Open a new retirement savings account 3a with PostFinance

    Using e-finance

    With e-finance, you can open your retirement savings account 3a quickly and easily with just a few clicks. Choose between the interest-bearing version of your assets or (partial) investment in retirement funds. The next time you log in, your retirement planning solution will be displayed. All customer documents for the retirement savings account 3a will be sent to you electronically.

    Using a written order

    1. Fill in the form The link will open in a new window “Pension agreement and application to open a retirement savings account”
    2. Send the completed and signed form to: PostFinance Ltd, Scan Center, 3002 Bern, Switzerland

    Transferring retirement assets to PostFinance

    Would you like to switch your current retirement savings account from another pillar 3a institution to a new retirement savings account 3a at PostFinance?

    1. Fill in the form The link will open in a new window “Order for transfer of retirement assets”
    2. Fill in the form The link will open in a new window “Pension agreement and application to open a retirement savings account”
    3. Print both forms, sign them and send them to:
      PostFinance Ltd, Scan Center, 3002 Bern, Switzerland

    Opening an additional retirement savings account 3a

    For tax reasons, it may make sense to spread your pension assets over several pillar 3a retirement solutions. This is because the retirement capital is taxed at a reduced rate when it is paid out. By distributing the inpayments across several retirement accounts 3a, the lump-sum payout in old age (for women from age 59, for men from age 60) of the individual accounts can be staggered over several years and the tax-rate progression can be interrupted.

    You open an additional retirement savings account in the same way as for a new retirement savings account.

  • With your retirement savings account 3a, you save three times as much in taxes. 

    Year in, year out

    You can deduct your payments from your taxable income up to the statutory limits, and substantial tax savings mean you earn a higher total return.
    For persons subject to withholding tax: payments into pillar 3a can only be taken into consideration for tax purposes if a retroactive standard assessment is carried out. Check with a tax expert to find out whether it is worthwhile paying into pillar 3a.

    Over the term

    Interest and investment earnings are exempt from income and withholding tax. Wealth tax is not levied on your retirement assets.

    On payout

    Retirement capital is taxed separately from other income at a reduced rate. With additional retirement savings accounts, you can spread the capital repayments over several years so as to reduce your tax-rate progression. Please note the rules in your canton of residence.

  • To be eligible to make deposits, account holders must earn an income subject to OASI (contributions).

    Advantages for double-incomes subject to OASI

    The retirement savings account 3a is possible for each partner.

    Age at entry and redemption

    Age at entry: 18 to 64 years 
    Age at redemption: min. 59, max. 64 years
    Age at entry: 18 to 65 years 
    Age at redemption: min. 60, max. 65 years

    If you are in employment after the ordinary OASI retirement age, you can still open a retirement savings account 3a or make tax-privileged inpayments into pillar 3a. This applies up to a maximum of five years after the ordinary OASI retirement age has been reached.

    Statutory maximum amounts 2022

    • Employed persons with a pension fund: max. CHF 6,883 per year
    • Employed persons without a pension fund: up to 20% of income from employment up to a max. of CHF 34,416 per year

    Combination with retirement funds

    When opening a retirement savings account 3a, you can select your preferred retirement solution: earn interest on the assets in your retirement savings account 3a, or invest all or part of your assets in retirement funds. Four retirement funds with different equity components are available for you to choose from. You pay no issuing and redemption commission. The easiest way to create fund orders is in e-finance or by sending a written order.

    Funds saving plan

    The retirement funds saving plan can be set up during a consultation, independently via a fund order or directly in e-finance. It enables you to make regular inpayments to the selected funds at half-monthly, monthly, two-monthly or quarterly intervals. You can invest in a PostFinance Pension Fund from as little as 20 francs.

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