Retirement planning for different life stages

The right retirement planning for every phase of your life

If you want to enjoy your retirement, you should consider private retirement planning. Different aspects of this are important in the different phases of your life. PostFinance offers you the right solution for every age and every retirement planning requirement.

At the beginning of your professional life: start your retirement plan

Have you only recently started your professional life and still feel too young to start planning for your retirement? You’re not. Use this early opportunity to build up long-term assets for your old age. We will tell you what's important and how you can save on taxes from now on.

In the middle of your professional or family life: expand your retirement planning

Are things developing in your life so that you now also want to provide for your loved ones? With a private retirement plan, you can save for your old age and for home ownership on a tax-privileged basis and protect yourself from the financial consequences of disability and provide for your loved ones in the event of your death.

In a calmer stage of your life: optimize your retirement planning

Have a little more breathing space after a more intense phase of your professional or family life? Take the opportunity to look at retirement and examine how you can close any last financial gaps and fundamentally optimize your retirement planning.

A few years before retirement: organize your retirement planning

Is retirement getting closer and you want to know how your retirement planning is doing? Or are you considering early retirement? We’ll show you which questions you should be asking yourself now so you can look forward to retirement in a relaxed manner.