Manage your finances digitally, anytime and anywhere

With e-finance, the online banking service from PostFinance, you can manage your finances independently, anytime and anywhere. Whether via computer or smartphone – you’re always in full control.

E-finance: banking anytime and anywhere

  • Access to and management of your accounts, cards and payments

  • Convenient online payment of QR-bills and eBills

  • Transactions at home and abroad in different currencies

  • Direct access to our investment and retirement planning solutions

  • Manage account documents, settings and products independently: from subscriptions and limit adjustments through to notifications

  • Preconditions

    To access e-finance, you need an up-to-date web browser, an Internet connection and a PostFinance account.

    System requirements

    For security reasons, you should always use the latest version of your operating system/browser. Find out which operating systems and browsers are supported by PostFinance in the system requirements.


    Our e-finance is accessible.

    Demo version

    See for yourself and test how convenient and easy e-finance is.


  • Access to e-finance is via a multi-level security system. For all login procedures, you need your e-finance number or your personally defined username and password.

    The quickest and easiest way to access e-finance: when you log in via the PostFinance App, you’re securely logged in within seconds. With Mobile ID and the card reader, you have two alternatives available to you.

    Carry out financial transactions securely online

    From browser checks and security software, to encryption and card security: we do everything possible to ensure you can use e-finance and the Internet securely from home or on the go. However, if you do still suffer a Trojan horse attack or computer virus, PostFinance will cover you for damages up to a value of 100,000 francs. Discover more about browser checks, security software, encryption and what to look out for.

  • An overview at all times

    • Assets
    • Retirement savings accounts 
    • Mortgages
    • Insurance

    The most important functions

    • Scan invoices with the camera or import PDF files
    • Receive and pay eBills
    • Carry out account transfers
    • Block or replace your PostFinance Card
    • Load and manage your credit card
    • Subscribe to funds
    • Buy and sell securities
    • Buy digital vouchers
    • Carry out foreign exchange transactions
    • Order cash in foreign currencies
    • Subscribe to selected products
    • Set up notifications
  • E-finance access

    E-finance access is free of charge.

    Account management

    The prices and conditions of the corresponding banking packages apply.

    Account management in e-finance is free of charge.

    • E-finance is the name of PostFinance’s online banking service. It enables you to manage your finances anywhere and at any time via PC or smartphone.

    • If you’re a PostFinance customer with a private account, you can order e-finance. After that, all you need to use e-finance is an up-to-date web browser and Internet access.

    • You can order access (e-finance number) including password (security elements) online. As soon as you receive your access details, you can get started.

      Order e-finance

    • The nine-digit e-finance number is your unique identifier. To log in to e-finance or the PostFinance App, you need this number or your username. You’ll find these details in your e-finance activation letter.

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