Carry out stock exchange transactions simply and conveniently online

Stock exchange trading made easy: e-trading is PostFinance’s online trading platform. Whether via an app or desktop: with e-trading, you can trade on the world’s major stock exchanges. Benefit from the useful tools to analyse and optimize your investment strategy.

E-trading: trade securities from as little as CHF 6

  • The trading platform for beginners and experts

  • Custody account fee of only CHF 18 per quarter

  • Up to 3 free trades per quarter (CHF 18 of brokerage credit per quarter)

  • Free analysis and search tools, price notifications and much more

  • Shares, ETFs, funds, structured products / themed certificates, crypto products and other investment products

  • Securities transfer fees up to CHF 800 covered when you switch to e-trading

Excellence wins out!

The independent comparison service moneyland.ch has awarded e-trading top marks for structured products trading in its cost comparison.

  • Simple and compact or individual and extensive. We show you how to use e-trading and customize it as needed so you can keep a constant overview.

    Use the numerous functions of e-trading to implement your investment strategy:

    • Widgets: create your own personal workspace
    • Personal lists: monitor your favourite securities
    • Analysis and search tools: quick search, chart and analysis tool "Trading View" and scanner
    • News and updates: stay up to date
    • Quick search: find securities by name, symbol or ISIN
    • Price alert: be notified about price changes
    • Benefit from promotional offers with selected partners on an ongoing basis
    • Corporate actions: process them directly online


    You need a private account with e-finance to use e-trading.

    Other conditions:

    • Domicile in Switzerland
    • Private individuals aged 18 years and above
    • Customer is the beneficial owner of the assets
    • Non-US person

    Assumption of securities transfer fees

    Switch to e-trading now, and we will cover the transfer fees up to CHF 800.

    Issue stock market order

    You issue a stock market order directly in e-trading. You have access at any time via your computer with e-finance or via smartphone with your PostFinance App. Orders can also be placed by telephone. We recommend that you activate notifications so that you are always kept fully informed.

    Stock exchange orders by telephone, Monday to Friday: 8 a.m. to 10 p.m.
    Tel. 0848 900 009 (max. CHF 0.08/min. in Switzerland)

    Order e-trading tax statement

    The detailed e-trading tax statement makes it easier to complete your tax return. You can order the statement directly in e-finance if required. You will receive the requested documents in electronic format in e-trading under “Documents”.

  • With e-trading you can trade the following products on over 20 stock exchanges worldwide:

    Stock exchanges

    Swiss stock exchanges:

    • SIX Swiss Exchange
    • BX Swiss
    • SIX Structured Products
    • Off-exchange Switzerland
    • Swiss DOTS

    Foreign stock exchanges:

    • Frankfurt
    • Xetra
    • Euronext (Paris, Amsterdam, Brussels)
    • NASDAX OMX (Copenhagen, Stockholm, Helsinki)
    • Borsa Italiana
    • Madrid
    • Vienna Stock Exchange
    • EUWAX
    • Off-exchange Germany
    • London Stock Exchange
    • NYSE
    • NYSE American
    • NASDAQ
    • Toronto
    • TSX Venture
  • Our prices and conditions – in simple terms

    Custody account fee

    The CHF 18 custody account fee per quarter is charged at the beginning of each quarter in January, April, July and October. There is no pro rata reimbursement for any cancellations made during a current quarter.

    Brokerage fees

    You benefit from attractive brokerage fees. You can trade securities with a volume of up to CHF 500 on SIX for as little as CHF 6.

    Free trades

    You get free trades up to the present value of your custody account fee. Each quarter, you will receive brokerage credits (trading credits) worth CHF 18 corresponding to your custody fee. With these, you could make three free trades (each at CHF 6) with a value of CHF 500 each on SIX. For trades with higher brokerage fees, your existing trading credits will automatically be applied to the transaction costs.

    The trading credits can be used for securities transactions (not applicable to corporate actions / securities that can be traded offline). Unused credits will expire at the end of the quarter.

    Brokerage fees and other charges

    Brokerage fees and other charges are due whenever a security is bought or sold. The brokerage fee charged depends on the number of securities and the stock exchange.

  • E-trading and security

    E-trading uses a multi-level security system and highly encrypted data transmission.


    The e-trading service is not fully accessible. Customers who would like to have a fully accessible alternative are requested to contact the e-trading Contact Center:
    Tel. 0848 900 009 (max. CHF 0.08/min. in Switzerland)
    Monday to Friday: 8 a.m. to 10 p.m.

    • You can use your e-trading securities custody account to trade common types of securities such as:

    • More information on this can be found in our step-by-step guide on buying and selling shares in e-trading.

    • PostFinance gives security top priority for online financial transactions. E-trading uses a multi-level security system which effectively prevents attempts at fraud. The identification procedures ensure that only authorized people can access e-trading. Finally, automatic transaction monitoring ensures that there is additional security against fraudulent actions. The system recognizes suspicious transactions and blocks them, if necessary.

      Please follow the safety recommendations from PostFinance.

    • E-trading provides analysis tools such as “Trading View” and a notification and news feature for the individual securities.

    • You don’t pay any tax on price gains. However, you do pay taxes on dividends, unless they are classed as tax-free capital gains. This is because dividends are considered to be income, while price gains are not.

      More information in blog article “Paying tax on shares in Switzerland”.

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