Private account in CHF

The ideal salary or pension account

The private account in CHF from PostFinance is a basic account for people from 20 years of age and is ideal as a salary or pension account. You can also use our online and mobile banking with e-finance and the PostFinance App, making it easy for you to take care of your day-to-day financial transactions.

Private account in CHF: for private customers from 20 years of age

  • Ideal as a salary or pension account

  • Free cash withdrawal at all post offices, Postomats, Migros, at Coop Pronto shops and Denner

  • Online shopping without a credit card

  • Free PostFinance Card

    • Available as an individual or partner account
    • Unlimited withdrawal options
    • Monthly account statement
    • Annual account statement with interest statement
  • Private accounts in banking packages

    Private accounts are managed in the Smart banking package or the SmartPlus banking package. 

    Cash withdrawals

    Place of useCost for the cash withdrawal
    Place of use
    PostFinance Card
    Cost for the cash withdrawal
    Free of charge
    Place of use
    Cost for the cash withdrawal
    Free of charge
    Place of use
    Swiss Post counters
    Cost for the cash withdrawal
    Free of charge
    Place of use
    Migros customer service desks, Coop Pronto shops and Denner
    Cost for the cash withdrawal

    Free of charge

    Place of use
    ATMs in Switzerland
    Cost for the cash withdrawal

    Smart banking package:
    CHF 2 for withdrawals in Swiss francs
    CHF 5 for withdrawals in euro

    SmartPlus banking package: free of charge

    Place of use
    ATMs abroad
    Cost for the cash withdrawal
    Smart banking package: CHF 5 
    SmartPlus banking package: free of charge 

    Domicile abroad

    CHF 25/month per account, regardless of assets

    Current interest rates

  • Close your current bank account

    You can close your current bank account with the following cancellation letter.

    1. Please fill in at least the first page
    2. Sign the form
    3. Send it to your current bank
    • Cash withdrawals are possible at the Customer Service checkout.
    • The account must not be overdrawn. For customers who pass a creditworthiness check and receive regular credits, PostFinance may grant an overdraft limit of CHF 1,000, which can be changed upon request at any time.
    • The identity of the account holder is verified quite easily – either in a PostFinance or Swiss Post branch, or via an online video chat.

    • You only need your identity documents to open an account (passport or ID).

    • Yes, PostFinance now only offers private and savings accounts and the PostFinance Card as part of one of the two banking packages. Depending on how you use our services, choose the banking package that suits you best. You can switch your banking package at any time. Banking packages are free of charge for young people.

    • Yes, you can open your private account in Swiss francs online in just five minutes.

    • To open an account in Swiss francs, you must be of legal age and reside in Switzerland. Customers up to 20 years of age receive a youth account. Those who are not yet of legal age require the signature of a parent or legal representative to open the account. For more on youth accounts: Youth account | PostFinance

    • When opening a bank account, you can also sign up for the online banking solution, e‑finance. Your account documents can be downloaded directly from there. You save five francs per month by not using the paper option and by carrying out your banking transactions in e-finance.

    • Electronic payments and standing orders (via e-finance/PostFinance App) and setting up standing orders online (in e-finance/PostFinance App) are free of charge within Switzerland.

    • Manage your finances when and where you like with our mobile banking solution, the PostFinance App. Whether you want to get an overview of your account balance or transactions, or simply want to set up and approve payments – with e-finance you can manage your finances independently, any place, any time. Whether via computer or smartphone – you’re always in full control.

    • The PostFinance Card in Swiss francs is free of charge and comes with your private account in Swiss francs. The PostFinance Card combined with Debit Mastercard® enables you to withdraw cash worldwide and shop conveniently online or in stores throughout Switzerland and abroad.

    • The free youth account from PostFinance is aimed at young people up to 20 years of age. With this account, you’re in full control of all your daily financial transactions. Additionally, young people between 18 and 30 years of age and in education may also benefit from a student account. For more information on youth accounts: Youth account | PostFinance

    • Yes, the PostFinance account can be opened as a partner account, household account or a flatshare account.

Open an account instantly on your smartphone

For new customers. Your account is ready for you in just a few minutes.

Open an account online

For existing customers and new customers without a smartphone.

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