ETF saving plan

Invest regularly and benefit from potential returns in the long term

Save systematically and over the long term with an ETF saving plan in e-trading – even with just small amounts. Benefit from the cost averaging effect over the long term.

Trade with brokerage fees as low as 1 franc

  • Diversified range with 30 ETFs on the SIX Swiss Exchange

  • Low costs with a fee of 1% of the investment amount (minimum fee CHF 1)

  • You trade free of charge for the equivalent of your e-trading custody account fee

  • Regular investments allow you to benefit from the cost averaging effect

  • In addition to investing in ETFs, you can also invest in over 300 equities and specific themed certificates (structured products) via the saving plan function

Invest now with our ETF market leaders

  • Don’t have e-trading yet?

    E-trading is required to set up a saving plan for ETFs, equities or themed certificates.

    You have e-trading

    • Choose your preferred security and the SIX Swiss Exchange stock exchange. All ETFs are listed under “ETF market leaders”. The equities and themed certificates can be found under “Saving plan for shares and themed certificates”.
    • On the trading screen, set the order type to “Recurring”.
    • Select the maximum amount you want to invest on a regular basis.
    • Select the frequency – either weekly, fortnightly or monthly.
    • Set the start date for your first order.
  • You can trade saving plans in e-trading from as little as CHF 1. With e-trading, you can trade free of charge until the fees for your custody account are reached. Each quarter, you will receive trading credits worth CHF 18 corresponding to your custody fee.

  • In addition to the ETFs from the “ETF market leaders”, all equities from the SMI, DAX, CAC40, Euro Stoxx 50, Dow Jones and Nasdaq-100 can be selected for a saving plan (example: saving plan for Apple shares).

    It is also possible to invest in nine themed certificates (structured products) in the form of a saving plan.

    You can find further information directly in e-trading under “Saving plans”.

    • With an ETF saving plan, you can benefit from the cost averaging effect by paying a selected amount into an ETF of your choice on a monthly, fortnightly or weekly basis.

    • The amount and frequency of inpayments into ETF saving plans depends on your individual financial situation, your investment objectives and your risk profile. E-trading can be used to buy whole units between CHF 5 and CHF 200.

    • Markets can be volatile in the short term, leading to fluctuations in the value of an ETF portfolio. Long-term investments smooth out these fluctuations. They also exert a cost averaging effect, leading to a more favourable average price in the long term through regular investments.

    • The longer the investment horizon, the greater the chance of a return from an ETF saving plan.

  • This information and these statements are for information purposes only and do not constitute either an invitation to tender, a solicitation, an offer or a recommendation to purchase a service, buy or sell any securities or other financial instruments or to perform other transactions. This information does not take into consideration the specific or future investment goals, financial or tax situation or particular needs of any specific recipient and is therefore not a suitable basis for investment decisions. We recommend that you consult your financial or tax advisor before every investment. The price, value and return of investments may fluctuate. Investment in financial instruments is subject to certain risks and does not guarantee the retention of the capital invested or an increase in value. All investment services and financial instruments provided by PostFinance Ltd are unavailable to US persons and other persons whose domicile or tax liability is outside of Switzerland and will therefore neither be offered nor sold/provided to them.

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