Getting started with e-trading

Simple and compact or individual and extensive. We show you how to use e-trading and customize it as needed so you can keep a constant overview. Familiarize yourself with our trading platform step by step.

Getting started

E-trading comprises three main areas: “Account overview”, “Tools” and “Trading space”.

  • “Overview” shows your e-trading assets at a glance. Your assets include your account balances and your securities.

    In this area, you’ll also find all executed transactions, your order history, all documents and any corporate actions that you have received for information or for response.

    To keep up to date about the securities you have bought, news about securities from your position list is shown below in the Account overview.

  • We support you in your decision making with useful tools. 


    The Scanner search function enables you to set filter criteria (e. g. by segment, sector, market, etc.) to find the shares you want quickly, according to your needs.

    Analysis tool

    This tool offers numerous, versatile options to analyse titles and compare them with others (chart analysis, intraday analysis, etc.) and also offers you professional help with making decisions.

  • The area for individual views and settings.

    This area consists of different widgets you can use to customize and adapt the page to your needs.

    From the lower page area in the widget shop, drag the selected widget to the desired position in the “Trading space”. You can move the widgets around at any time or remove them again from the “Trading space”.

    Individual settings within the widgets are also possible, e.g. adding further columns and information. To do this, open the relevant menu for amendment in the “Icon” column.

Profile and settings

The following settings are available:

  • Grouping your positions (by currency or product type)
  • Displaying the price type (bid or ask price) in the tables
  • Start date for calculating overall performance
  • Activating/Deactivating warrant expiry manager
  • Determining reference currencies and opening new currencies / accounts
  • Defining default values on the trading screen

Brief explanation of key functions

  • You have various options for paying money into or out of e-trading:

    • In e-finance: via Payments > Create payments > Transfers > E-trading
    • In e-finance: via Overview of assets > E-trading custody account > Transfer
    • In e-trading: via above right menu item “Transfer”
  • You have different options for purchasing or selling your desired title:

    Trading directly from the search screen (“Quicksearch”)
    On this search screen, you can find securities by name, icon or ISIN, and can trade them directly from here.

    Trading from position list in the Account overview
    To sell or purchase existing positions, go to “Positions” and select “Buy” for buying and “Sell” for selling.

    Trading from the “Trading space”

    • From the “Position list”: To sell or purchase existing positions, go to “Positions” and select the “Trade” button. This takes you to the Trade screen for further instructions (buy, sell, order type, etc.)
    • From the “Search & Trade” widget: Search for your desired title via the search screen and trade directly via the “Trade” button.
    1. Go to the Trading space and select the desired title from a personal list or your position list.
    2. Expand the title to find the “Price alert” menu
    3. Add a new alert or go to the Alerts page to manage your existing alerts.
  • Search via the “Search & Trade” widget in the “Trading space” area
    Use the “Search” widget in the “Trading space” to search for securities and trade them directly. Enter the name or the icon of the title you are searching for.

    Search via “Quicksearch”
    On this search screen, find securities by name, icon or ISIN.

    Search via Scanner in the “Tools” area
    The Scanner search function enables you to set filter criteria (e.g. by segment, sector, market, etc.) to find the shares you want quickly, according to your needs.

  • Click on the desired title (Swiss registered share) on the “Position list” in the “Account overview” area then select “Register my shares”.

  • Create and manage personal lists in the Trading space
    You can create new personal lists by dragging the “Personal list” widget from the widget shop in the lower page area into its desired position in the “Trading space”.

    Or search in the “Search & Trade” widget for your desired security and use the “Plus” button to create a new list there or add the title to an existing list.

    To rename existing lists or delete titles from them, select the pencil in the column heading above.

    Add title to personal list
    Place your preferred title on your personal favourites list by marking it with the “star icon”. You can find this icon on the “Quicksearch” search screen or by looking in the detailed information of a security.

Additional helpful services

Information about using e-trading.