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Created on 12.05.2020

Working in digital change to provide added value!

Is there a purpose to my tasks at work? What am I actually achieving? When a company is undergoing digital transformation, there are many ways to actively participate.

For many people, a job means more than just a pay cheque at the end of the month. It is also important to find new ways of implementing ideas and gaining a better appreciation of your own active contribution to the bigger picture. And this is no empty promise at PostFinance, which aims to become the number one digital bank in Switzerland. The following are some examples of what you can achieve at PostFinance.

Working with hot tech

Blockchain technology is one of the major developments that have attracted the attention of financial institutions. In 2015, a small team at PostFinance headed by Thomas Goetz started gathering initial experience with this technology and developing blockchain solutions. Today, applications such as Ormera or daura run on a blockchain platform developed in collaboration with Swisscom. And work continues – on new technologies and new cases. There are great opportunities for high-performance digital experts. 

Take an agile approach to achieve your objectives

Many areas require agile working methods. Throughout project management, for example, agile working methods are being implemented at PostFinance. This approach is very useful when you need to react more quickly to market and customer requirements. With agile working, instead of a boss, you have a coach who supports the team step-by-step towards self-organization, fostering a constructive approach to mistakes and promoting learning within the team and beyond. This helps individuals and the entire team to progress. It makes sense, doesn’t it? 

Opening up new business areas

On its way to becoming a digital powerhouse, PostFinance is investing in future banking with business models that go beyond previous business areas. This includes the use of platforms such as Valuu – an app that allows future homeowners and people who wish to replace an existing mortgage to find suitable property financing digitally. As the first fully digital brokerage platform for mortgages, Valuu is a true innovation. Valuu was developed into a market-ready product by a cross-organizational team. Today’s Valuu programme manager is Thomas Jakob, who was with PostFinance from the start. And there are many more exciting projects for pioneering types in the pipeline. 

Solving special challenges

An inspiring story: almost immediately after starting work at Human Resources, a trainee was asked to join the coronavirus crisis team along with her supervisor. It soon became clear that the trainee was more than capable of managing the task for herself. This example shows us that it is not always the number of years spent at the company that enables employees to take on important roles and make a significant contribution. It is their pioneering spirit that drives change and an employer that supports them. There are many opportunities like this. 

Driving cultural change

To become the number one digital bank in Switzerland, PostFinance needs a culture that fosters and promotes change. This new culture is not just being driven by a top-down approach. Employees are also contributing new ideas and assuming responsibility for themselves. A group of cultural ambassadors has been formed among employees, jointly driving cultural change in the various organizational units. Bottom-up is key when it comes to culture!

Working in different areas

With an internal, temporary job change, PostFinance employees are able to develop their own skills and also benefit from exchange and insight that goes beyond the working experiences they are accustomed to. This might be an employee who temporarily switches from human resources to marketing, for example. They will then take what they learned and the experience gained back to their normal team – win-win!

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