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Created on 05.09.2019

Valuu: starting up in a new business area

Valuu is the first fully digital brokerage platform for mortgages. Various findings from experiments conducted from VNTR | Innovation & Venturing by PostFinance have been integrated into the platform.

Valuu is an app that allows future homeowners and those who want to refinance a mortgage to find suitable property financing digitally. And Valuu is a genuine innovation as it’s the first fully digital brokerage platform for mortgages. “Valuu compares over 100 mortgages from different providers and guides users throughout the process, right up until they take out their mortgage digitally,” explains Valuu project manager Thomas Jakob.

From an innovative project...

But how was it actually created? As is often the case with innovations, it took several attempts to design Valuu. When VNTR began experimenting with digital solutions for the real estate sector four years ago, it established an important basis for the platform by defining proptech as a search field during the innovation process. This resulted in innovation projects such as online real estate valuation and real estate valuation with photo recognition. However, these projects failed to clear the next hurdles in the innovation process. Sometimes it’s simply too soon or an idea has not yet reached maturity.

... to a marketable product

Experiments were still needed, and the findings were integrated into today’s solution. “We set up a team across the organization to create a marketable product,” explains Valuu project manager Thomas Jakob, who was involved at PostFinance from the outset. The team built the digital mortgage platform just ten months before the go-live, and the app has been available to download for Android and  Apple  since early 2019. The results to date have been impressive: with over 27,000 downloads and almost 3,000 registered users after 150 days, Valuu has successfully entered a business area that is new to PostFinance. And the app does meet a genuine customer requirement, helping users to find the best financing for their own home. “Our independent brokerage platform allows interested customers to find the best possible offer – based on their desired property and their personal financial situation,” says Jakob.

Apps for iOS and Android

Curious about the innovative Valuu platform? Free download from the App Store or Google Play:

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