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Created on 07.03.2019

A team with a common approach

PostFinance is transforming itself into a digital powerhouse. Its employees play a key role in this. To prepare themselves as best they can for the upcoming challenges, they are acquiring new skills or continuing to develop existing skills. The move2digital project supports them in this.

“In the summer of 2018, we launched the “creating ONE” initiative, which guides us in the ongoing development of our culture and skills,” says Helene Müller. She heads the move2digital project and is responsible for cultural development at PostFinance. ONE stands for “OPEN”, “NETWORK” and “ENGAGE”. In various workshops, employees defined what these three terms mean to them in their day-to-day work and how they are contributing to the digital powerhouse transformation. “Our new motto is now our bedrock. It describes the mindset we need to have, now and in the future, to achieve our ambitious goals.” This mindset includes agile and feedback-driven work practices, a joined-up approach to thinking and acting, and a willingness to take initiative, with the latter meaning that employees make bold and confident decisions, prioritize and adapt to new situations.

Fans of their own services

ONE is the basis for a whole range of other measures and analyses. “OPEN”, for example, also means that employees are open to new forms of work, engaging with co-creation in cultural workshops, or actively contributing to internal communication by writing blog posts. The procedure and the goal are always the same: people work together across hierarchies and teams to develop corporate culture and, ultimately, PostFinance itself. And there is another, completely different factor that is crucial to success and must not be forgotten. “For our customers to become fans of PostFinance,” says Helene Müller, “we have to be fans of our products ourselves.” That’s another part of what move2digital is all about.

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