Managing retirement planning

Retirement in sight

It’s nice to look forward to finally enjoying your well-deserved retirement. But before that can happen, you still have to make a few important decisions – especially if you are considering early retirement.

Do the maths

The time is nearly here for you to enjoy the years after your professional life. You will be living from your pension benefits, your 3rd-pillar retirement capital and your other assets. So it is time to take stock again and calculate how much money will be available to you in retirement.

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Plan your early retirement

Are you considering taking early retirement? This is possible from the age of 58. However, early retirement is not cheap and should therefore be carefully considered. Please note the retirement regulations of your pension fund. You should also take care to clarify precisely which additional pension gaps early retirement will result in and how you can close them, if necessary.

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Pension fund: pension instead of lump-sum payment

You should also consider early on how you would like to withdraw your pension fund assets. You can choose from various options:

You withdraw your capital as a monthly pension payment, you can have the entire balance paid out at once or you can choose a mixture of both options. The best variant for you depends on various factors such as your life situation, your income and your assets. 

Organizing your estate and retirement assets

There are some subjects that hardly anyone likes to deal with. One of these is the organisation of your estate to ensure that your loved ones are taken care of and to avoid arguments. In addition to private property, your estate also includes all obligations and assets. Your 2nd-pillar and 3a-pillar retirement assets as well as your life insurance assets are divided among the beneficiaries according to the rules of the relevant retirement savings foundation or insurance company.

Retirement assets and home ownership: applies from the age of 55

Retirement planning and home ownership are closely linked, which is why you can also use pension assets from the 2nd and 3rd pillars when purchasing a home. From the age of 50, however, there are some important points to consider when financing a home purchase:

  • After you have reached the age of 50, you may no longer use all of your pension fund assets for the purpose of financing.
  • You may only pledge or withdraw one of the following amounts: the vested benefits to which you would have been entitled at the age of 50, or half of the current pension fund assets.
  • In principle, the advance withdrawal must be made no later than three years before you are entitled to retirement benefits – unless your employee benefits institute has other provisions for this situation.

Amortizing mortgages

If you already own a home, now is the time to start thinking about affordability in your old age. Do you want to amortize your mortgage with the 3a balance that will be paid out to you when you retire, or do you have various 3a retirement solutions and can withdraw your retirement assets in stages?

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