Build up retirement assets

Well covered for all eventualities

Whether in your professional or family life, greater responsibility is accompanied by the need to provide the best protection for yourself and your loved ones. Identify your retirement savings gaps now and find the right ways to close them for the long term.

Why you should take retirement planning into your own hands

If you want to enjoy your retirement unburdened by finanical worries, you usually have no choice but to make private provisions. This is because OASI (1st pillar) and pension fund (2nd pillar) pensions will only cover part of your income while you are working, so you can expect gaps in coverage. These first two pillars of the Swiss pension system are also coming under increasing pressure due to demographic and social developments and also as a result of low interest rates. As a result, 3rd-pillar private retirement planning is becoming increasingly important.

Why pension gaps are to be expected

Upon retirement, the income from state pension and employee benefits is usually lower than the previous level of earnings. This shows that pension gaps are not the exception, but the rule. 

You can close your pension gaps by saving capital with private retirement planning in pillars 3a and 3b. These are your options for closing pension gaps: pension funds, retirement savings account 3a, life insurance.

Retirement savings account 3a versus returns-oriented retirement plan

Because interest rates on the retirement savings account 3a are currently at a very low level, return-oriented pension solutions such as retirement funds or the Smartflex retirement plan offer an alternative to the retirement savings account 3a. They provide an opportunity to participate in developments on the financial markets. 

Retirement funds

The four PostFinance retirement funds have different equity components. This allows you to decide for yourself how much risk you can or want to take with your retirement capital.

SmartFlex pension plan

With the SmartFlex pension plan, you can also save for your old age with a focus on returns – and, if necessary, take out cover now or later against the financial risks of disability or death. 

Protect your loved ones too

There are unpleasant questions that people like to avoid. But you should ask yourself: what if would happen if I became unable to work as a result of an illness? Or if you died? 1st and 2nd pillar benefits are often not enough to compensate for the loss of earnings in the event of disability or death. With life insurance in pillars 3a and 3b, you protect yourself and your loved ones financially. They allow you to protect your family against loss of earnings in the event of disability or the financial consequences of a death:

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Reduce your tax bill with pillar 3a

Regardless of whether you make payments into a retirement savings account 3a, retirement fund or 3a life insurance: you can completely deduct the amount you pay into the pillar 3a from your taxable income up to the legally defined maximum allowance. Saving on tax – every year

Your provision for your own home

Would you like to buy your own home in a few years’ time? You can make an advance withdrawal for this, or pledge your 3rd pillar retirement assets. You can also use payments into a retirement savings account 3a to pay off a mortgage.

When do you need a vested benefits account?

Whether in the event of maternity or taking up self-employment, the 2nd-pillar vested benefits account from PostFinance is the solution when you have to temporarily or permanently give up gainful employment in an employee relationship. You deposit the retirement assets from the employee benefits that you have saved up to now into the vested benefits account. You also have the option to invest all or part of the balance in returns-oriented pension funds in order to participate in developments on the financial markets.

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