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Early and smart retirement planning

As a young professional, there are probably other things that interest you more than your retirement plan. After all, your retirement is a long way off. And yet, this is just the right time to start planning for retirement.

Private retirement planning: do I really need it?

If you want to enjoy your old age unburdened by financial worries, you should definitely build up an additional private financial cushion. This is because the AHV (1st pillar) and pension fund (2nd pillar) pensions will only cover part of the income you earned while working.

These first two pillars of Swiss pension provision are also coming under increasing pressure due to demographic trends, a changing society and the low interest rate environment. As a result, 3rd-pillar private retirement planning is becoming increasingly important. You have various savings options, such as retirement funds, the retirement savings account 3a or life insurance.

Take the opportunity to start saving for retirement early on

With many more working years ahead of you, you have a great opportunity to build up assets for retirement over the long term. The earlier you start with your private retirement provision, the more retirement capital you can build up. Our tip: start today rather than tomorrow. It may be particularly worthwhile for you to take a look at return-oriented retirement solutions such as retirement funds that allow you to participate in developments on the financial markets.

Take a targeted approach

Three things are especially important in private retirement planning at a young age:

  1. Save for a specific goal.
  2. Work out how much money you want to invest in retirement savings and at what intervals – e.g. your 13th month’s salary at the end of the year and/or monthly contributions.
  3. Choose the right 3rd-pillar retirement solutions. 
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Pay less tax from now on

With pillar 3a private retirement planning, you can save on taxes. You can completely deduct the amount you pay into pillar 3a from your taxable income up to the legally defined maximum allowance – regardless of whether you invest in retirement funds, a retirement savings account 3a or 3a life insurance.

Do you want more? Choose a returns-oriented retirement plan

Because interest rates on the retirement savings account 3a are currently at a very low level, returns-oriented retirement solutions such as retirement funds can be an alternative to the retirement savings account 3a. They provide an opportunity to participate in developments on the financial markets. PostFinance offers you four retirement funds with different equity components. This allows you to decide for yourself how much risk you can or want to take with your retirement capital.

You are always flexible with pillar 3 retirement planning

With pillar 3a private retirement planning, you can be very flexible: you decide for yourself when and how much money you pay into a retirement solution. In addition, in certain cases you can withdraw your pillar 3a pension assets before you reach the AHV retirement age – for example, if you become self-employed, want to finance the purchase of your own home or emigrate abroad.

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