Optimize your retirement planning

Take a close look at your retirement plan

When things gets a little quieter after a more intense phase of your professional and family life, it’s time for a comprehensive assessment of the situation and some sound retirement planning. Find out how you can continue to grow your assets for retirement and what your optimization options are.

Here’s what you need to check your retirement planning

Get together all the documents you need to work out your finances after retirement. These include tax returns, pension fund statements and rules, statements from your retirement and vested benefits accounts, account statements, custody account overviews and life insurance policies, as well as evidence of home ownership (including mortgage documents concerning items that need to be deducted from your assets). 

Take stock of your retirement planning

Upon retirement, the income from the state pension and employee benefits is usually lower than the previous level of earnings. 

That’s why it’s important to understand your private retirement situation:

  • How much money from pension benefits and assets will I have when I retire?
  • How much money do I need for my retirement?
  • How do I build up retirement assets in a tax-advantaged and returns-oriented way?

Ask difficult questions like “What happens if I get divorced?” or “How are my loved ones financially protected if something should happen to me?”

Do you want more? Building up your assets

To continue building up capital for your retirement, you have the following options: retirement funds, retirement savings account 3a, life insurance. Because interest rates on the retirement savings account 3a are currently at a very low level, returns-oriented retirement solutions such as retirement funds can be an alternative to the retirement savings account 3a. They provide an opportunity to participate in developments on the financial markets.

Reduce your tax bill with pillar 3a

You can claim your payments into pillar 3a against your income tax in full up to the maximum amount stipulated by law. Saving on tax – every year It doesn’t matter whether you choose a retirement fund, retirement savings account 3a, or life insurance 3a.

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Use staggered withdrawals to benefit from lower tax rates

Did you know that it can be worthwhile to spread your retirement assets across several 3a retirement solutions? This is because tax is due when funds are paid out. 

Because taxation is progressive, the tax rate percentage increases as the retirement capital increases. If you spread your retirement assets over several 3a solutions, you can withdraw the money in stages and thus benefit from lower tax rates. Please make sure that you note the rules for your canton of residence. You can withdraw your 3rd-pillar retirement capital no earlier than five years before your regular retirement age (except in the case of an early withdrawal, e.g. to purchase your own home).

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