Keep your finances under control at all times – whether you’re at home or on the move

With e-finance, you can manage your finances yourself anytime and anywhere. Whether via computer or smartphone – you’re always in full control.

E-finance: access anytime, anywhere

  • Access to all your accounts, payments and fund custody accounts, wherever and whenever you want

  • Manage multiple accounts and customer bases with the same login

  • Domestic and international payments in various currencies

  • Damage cover up to CHF 100,000 for viruses or Trojans

  • Manage account documents, settings and data independently: from notifications to adjusting limits

  • Preconditions

    To access e-finance, you need an up-to-date browser, an Internet connection and a private account or savings account.

    Demo version

    See for yourself and test how convenient and easy e-finance is.

    Add payment software to your e-finance

    Would you like to make your accounting easier with payment software? There are a number of payment software options which simplify data processing for electronic payment transactions in e-finance.

  • Access to e-finance is via a multi-level security system. For all login procedures, you need your e-finance number or your personally defined username and password. 

    The quickest and easiest way to access e-finance: when you log in via app, you’re securely logged in within seconds thanks to Face ID or fingerprint.

    Carry out financial transactions securely online

    From browser checks and security software, to encryption and card security: we do everything possible to ensure you can use e-finance and the Internet securely from home or on the go. If a Trojan or computer virus manages to get through and cause damage, PostFinance will provide cover for up to CHF 100,000. Find out more about browser check, protection software, encryption and what to be aware of.

  • E-finance access

    E-finance access is free of charge.

    Account management in e-finance

    The prices and conditions of the corresponding banking packages apply.

    Account management in e-finance is free of charge.

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