Say hello to Peeps

Secure a very special benefit now: a premium subscription to the Peeps app, with new content, offers and prizes every day. Anyone under the age of 30 with a PostFinance banking package and access to e-finance can get the subscription without spending a single cent.

Get out of your comfort zone

On social media – and increasingly in everyday life too – we almost exclusively encounter people who think and act just like we do. It’s about time to change that. Peeps scraps the algorithms and instead shows you interesting people who are living their authentic lives. The result is an enriching experience that truly broadens your horizons.

Get inspired every day

Peeps is always changing. Every day, a new inspirational person is featured alongside an exciting new topic, such as hacking, environmentally-friendly cuisine or Super Bowl culture. All in the form of photos, audio and posts – for young people by young people.

Join and win

It’s well worth sticking around on Peeps. There are always great prizes to be won with each changing topic. This includes a 35 mm camera, a DJ controller set or a cocktail workshop. Always something new. Always something exciting. And always something you won’t want to miss out on.

Shopping – but for less

Who doesn’t enjoy picking up a bargain while shopping? On Peeps, a favourite product chosen by the featured person is offered every day – with a sensational discount that you’ll never find in store. For example, headphones, if the topic is music, or boxing gloves for the topic of Thai boxing.

Benefit now

Peeps is an app that changes everything. And PostFinance is giving all its customers under 30 years old a subscription free of charge. So don’t wait another minute! Download the app now.

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