Say hello to Peeps

Want an app that does everything differently? Peeps is an app that opens up fresh horizons, where talented musicians, headstrong activists and lots of other young people have their say. Best of all, the app means you benefit from great offers every day. And the subscription is free for young PostFinance customers.

New inspiration every day

Peeps is never the same. Every day features a new, inspiring person, and the app explores a fresh topic daily. There’s background information that opens up new horizons, with photos, videos, audio and text. By young people, for young people.

Get out of your bubble

On social media – and more and more in real life too – we only encounter people who think just like us. Peeps puts an end to that. There’s no preselection or algorithms here. On Peeps you’ll find authentic perspectives and exciting topics to take you out of your comfort zone.

Take part and win

Regular app users won’t miss out on any prize draws. There are prizes related to the topic posts to be won. It may be a suitcase if there’s a travel item, or headphones if we’re featuring a musician. It’s always well worth it, so keep your eyes peeled.

Shopping with discounts

Looking for incredible discounts? Every day you’ll have the chance to buy a featured guest’s favourite product at fantastic prices all thanks to Peeps. You won’t find these special offers at many other places, so it makes shopping really fun.

Free of charge – for young PostFinance customers

The Peeps app was launched by PUBLISHR GmbH, and PostFinance is the exclusive cooperation partner. This means that, the Peeps app is free for anyone under 30 with a PostFinance banking package and access to e-finance. That’s all content, prize draws and discounts without paying a thing.

Benefit now

Peeps is an app that changes everything. And PostFinance is giving all its customers under 30 years old a subscription free of charge. So don’t wait another minute! Download the app now.

Become a PostFinance customer

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