Legally an adult – at last

Make your own decisions about your finances

Upon reaching 18 years of age, PostFinance customers benefit from additional options and have sole right of disposal and signing over the range of services at PostFinance.

What happens on your 18th birthday?

  • A new basic agreement will be issued, but the PostFinance services will remain the same.
  • All previous signing rights, cards and e-finance authorizations for legal representatives or other third parties will be deleted; as a result, access to PostFinance services for third parties will be removed.
  • All standing orders and pending payments charged to the account will be cancelled; any existing standing transfer orders created by the legal representatives will also be cancelled.

What needs to be done?

  • The “Basic agreement” and the “Tax residency self-certification”  sent to you must be completed in full and signed. The completed documents must be returned within 30 days in order to avoid access to your account being blocked. As soon as all contract documents arrive at PostFinance duly completed and signed, all accounts and any fund custody accounts will be activated in the young person’s e-finance account, and they will be able to access all services.
  • If the young person has not yet confirmed their identity: to confirm your identity, you must attend in person at one of the Swiss Post or PostFinance branches. You can confirm your identity with a valid form of ID . You must bring the completed documents with you.
  • If signing right is to be given to any third parties, their details must be completed on the power of attorney regulations and signed by the authorized persons. The documents can then be returned to PostFinance.

Fresh possibilities

Upon reaching the age of 18, additional options become available to PostFinance customers.

Credit cards

Get money back on all purchases worldwide

PostFinance TWINT

The digital wallet

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