Sample customers

Photo of Erika and Max Flückiger

Erika and Max Flückiger

We take things slowly but still with lots of drive. Security is important to us, and that includes our finances. We therefore appreciate personal advice.

Our motto: "Better to buy high-quality things that last."

Photo of the Dubois family

The Dubois family

Family is the most important thing for us. Security and good opportunities for the children take top priority. We welcome advice on financial matters.

Our motto: "We want to ensure that our children have good opportunities."

Photo of Adrian Huber

Adrian Huber

I enjoy my life and am always on the go. I manage my finances independently and always use the latest technologies.

My motto: "I live in the here and now and want to do something in the future that gives me pleasure."

Photo of Fabienne Racine and David Fischer

Fabienne Racine and David Fischer

We are highly committed to our jobs and also travel a lot in our spare time. We manage our own finances, including when we're travelling.

Our motto: "We work hard and are committed to achieving our goals. But we also take time out regularly to relax and enjoy ourselves."

Photo of Anna and Ernesto Bernasconi

Anna and Ernesto Bernasconi

We have achieved a great deal and like to treat ourselves. We take care of our financial affairs ourselves but also appreciate personal consultations.

Our motto: "We don't mind spending money if we think it's worth it."