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Created on 18.05.2022

How does a credit card benefit me on my travels? Tips for stress-free travel abroad

Planning a trip abroad and want to be able to pay with ease wherever you go? Here you can find tips and tricks on using credit cards abroad.

Why is a credit card useful when I travel abroad?

As credit cards can be used in restaurants, shops and (of course) online shops around the world, you are flexible when it comes to paying. You can also use a credit card to reserve, book and cancel flights, hotels or holiday accommodation, reserve and pay for a rental car or purchase tickets conveniently before or during your journey.

What are the advantages of a credit card compared to cash?

You don’t need to obtain large sums of money in the relevant foreign currency before you leave, and you won’t need to keep left over coins and notes or change them back at great expense on your return. You can simply take enough cash for your arrival or for your first day. In many countries, you can also use your card to pay small amounts in many businesses. And if you find that you need more cash when you’re out and about, there is sure to be an ATM nearby.

What do I need to bear in mind regarding fees when paying with a credit card abroad?

When you use your credit card abroad, you are often given the choice to pay in the local currency or in Swiss francs. Admittedly, the Swiss francs option is more convenient because you do not have to convert the amount. However, this option is usually more expensive. If you are given a choice when travelling abroad, it’s best to select the local currency and reject the “dynamic currency conversion”.

What do I need to bear in mind when withdrawing cash abroad using a credit card?

It’s very convenient that you can use your credit card to withdraw cash at many ATMs around the world. Take a quick look at the fees and work out whether it’s better value to withdraw the desired amount using your credit card or your debit card.

Useful information

The PostFinance Visa Platinum Card offers free cash withdrawals in Switzerland and abroad.

What can I do if my credit card is stolen on holiday?

It’s a terrible shock to realize that your personal valuables have gone missing during your travels. So it’s just as well that you can easily resolve the problem without delay. With a credit card, this takes no time at all: report the loss via the hotline (+41 44 828 32 81) or block your card independently in e-finance or the PostFinance App – and order a new card right away.

Do I need to carry my credit card with me at all times when I am out and about?

You can simply leave your wallet at home and make credit card payments easily on the go via Apple Pay, Samsung Pay, Google Pay, SwatchPAY!, Garmin Pay or Fitbit Pay using your smartphone or smartwatch.

Which credit cards include travel insurance?

Only selected credit cards include travel insurance and the services provided vary greatly. For example, in the case of PostFinance credit cards, the Visa Platinum Card includes cancellation cost insurance, which covers expenses for services that are not used because the card holder cannot make a planned journey due to illness, accident or unexpectedly starting a new job.

A credit card that adds money to your travel budget? It’s completely normal.

Looking not just for any credit card but rather one that you too can benefit from? With PostFinance credit cards, it’s completely normal. Every time you pay using your credit card, you get money back. Depending on the card, the cashback amount is up to 1% in the first year and 0.5% in the second year. It adds up.

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