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Created on 22.01.2019

The Digital Champion’s advice – these tools make work more efficient

PostFinance’s Digital Champions enjoy all aspects of digitization and sharing their enthusiasm for it within the company. One of them is Oliver Hold. He recommends three tools for using computers efficiently.

Oliver Hold is one of the original Digital Champions. In addition to his role as Product Manager Digital Banking, he is also currently endeavouring to make certain that employees are well equipped with tools for ensuring PostFinance’s development into a digital powerhouse through the way in which they think and act. A major issue is the use of collaborative tools. Here he presents the three tools that make his work particularly efficient.


OneNote is a software program by Microsoft that turns computers into digital notepads. I use OneNote, for example, to summarize key information from meetings or e-mails on minutes. The fact that OneNote also recognizes text in images is very handy. This means I can access stored documents quickly and easily by using keywords.


Jira comes from the field of IT and was developed to facilitate the tasks of software development teams. I like using it in combination with OneNote. I use OneNote, for example, if I’m working on an idea and want to keep the notes for myself. I use Jira for joint task management – in the form of the work management method Kanban – to share the completed results with other employees or to provide them with input on their projects.


Confluence is an excellent tool for sharing information with other employees. The option of sending daily summaries of changes via e-mail means people are kept in the loop outside of what they’re working on.

Here are a few general pointers on using digital tools

  • Once you get used to them, digital tools allow you to work more efficiently. And because people make greater effort to print out less paper when working with digital tools, the digital method is environmentally friendly and helps to reduce costs.
  • The best thing to do is simply to try the tools out to find out which ones you’re most comfortable with and to gen up on the various options and functions.
  • If a tool is to be used for collaboration with other people, the best approach is to discuss it and decide on a suitable document structure together for the projects concerned.
  • More generally, a sense of duty is required as far as organization and keywords are concerned.
  • The e-mail program Outlook has some useful functions in the battle against the flood of e-mail – I personally use Quick Steps to pre-sort my e-mail and the search folder function to later view all e-mail not dealt with based on the subject.
  • Working with digital tools encourages joined-up thinking and changes how people work. This process is never over. People should continually reflect on how they can improve their working practices.

About Oliver Hold

Portrait Oliver Hold

Oliver Hold is a Product Manager Digital Banking and a Digital Champion at PostFinance.

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