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Created on 22.01.2019

These are the Digital Champions

At PostFinance, around 30 Digital Champions have been given the task of sharing their enthusiasm for everything digital. Their number is set to increase again in 2019.

They work in various sections of PostFinance, come from different regions of Switzerland and vary in age, but they all have something in common – they have an affinity with all things digital, also enjoy working with new tools and technology in their leisure time and are eager to share their enthusiasm with others. And this is why they applied for a new additional role internally at PostFinance as Digital Champions a year and a half ago by submitting a video.

Generating enthusiasm for digitization

There are currently 30 Digital Champions working at PostFinance. They spend a maximum quota of 10% of their working time on coming up with ideas together to enable them to optimally perform their role, testing out new things and generating enthusiasm for digitization amongst as many of their colleagues as possible. Stephan Rohrbach, Head of the Digital Champions, underlined: “A topical issue that we’re focusing on is the use of digital tools, such as OneNote, SharePoint as a wiki-tool and other tools.” The Digital Champions are also very adept at using their own products and can provide other employees with answers to their questions at any time.

An increase in Digital Champions planned

The number of Digital Champions is set to increase again in 2019 – with participants who can perform very different roles – while the original power team will continue to carry out the core tasks, less pro-active roles are also planned – for all employees who’d simply like to keep up to speed with digitization.

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