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Created on 08.12.2021

The neo-ecology megatrend: it’s high time to act!

Neo-ecology is one of the key megatrends of our era. But what does this term mean and how is it affecting the economy? We take a look at the development driving calls for efficient ecological solutions.

What does neo-ecology mean?

Neo-ecology is a megatrend that describes the major social transformation towards a resource-efficient, sustainable economy.

How did this trend come about?

Increased environmental awareness in the population is driving changes in consumer behaviour. Greater numbers of people prefer environmentally friendly, sustainable products and services, and they are prepared to pay higher prices for them. The coronavirus pandemic has further intensified this development. According to the Changing Consumer Priorities Study 2021, one third (31 percent) of consumers in Switzerland intend to focus on sustainability when it comes to their purchasing behaviour even more after the pandemic than before.

What does the “neo” in neo-ecology mean?

When you focus on the people driving this trend, “neo” means that, compared to other ecologically oriented groups, they are not calling for a fundamental rejection of consumerism. Instead, they are more critical in evaluating the benefits of a product and prefer efficient, resource-conserving solutions. For the economy, this means that companies must create efficient, ecological “neo” solutions – using high-tech, for example. This is making sustainability a driver of innovation.

What does the neo-ecology megatrend mean for companies?

It is forcing companies to change the way they think. In order to remain competitive in the long term, companies must respond with holistic, sustainable action at all levels. To enable this, the entire corporate strategy and culture must be geared towards sustainability.  

Which sectors are impacted by neo-ecology?

The megatrend is impacting most sectors. According to management consultancy AlixPartners, which published the Changing Consumer Priorities Study 2021, it is increasingly clear that in the future it will no longer only be companies in the higher price segment that will have to focus on environmental and sustainability factors in order to continue serving a broad market.

To what extent is neo-ecology impacting the financial sector?

There is a clear trend, for example, in a desire among customers to invest money fairly, ethically and ecologically.

Why is neo-ecology a megatrend and not just hype?

Because the issues concerning the future of our planet have never been more urgent and the need for action has never been so great.

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