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Created on 27.06.2019

LinkedIn: 10 tips for a strong LinkedIn profile

Whether you are applying for a job with us or you want to expand your network, your LinkedIn profile is the most important online digital business card. These tips will help you enhance your profile.

In this article, we are going to give you a few tips on how to make your LinkedIn profile look better and more professional.

Tip 1: Upload a photo that is recognizably you

Let’s assume you are applying to us and we’ve already had a look at your LinkedIn profile. Of course, we would ideally be able to recognize you in real life based on your profile. This is why we recommend using an up-to-date, non-pixilated business-style profile picture with a neutral background. 

Tip 2: Use relevant keywords

To make sure your profile gets noticed online, it is important to include relevant keywords (so-called buzzwords) in the profile headline and in your summary. These could be keywords that describe the skills, expertise or work experience you have that relate to your profession. So be sure to use buzzwords to showcase where your strengths lie. Choose three or four buzzwords that really describe you. To get an idea of the sort of buzzwords you should use, the best thing would be to browse LinkedIn profiles of people who do similar jobs to you and who have experience in this area. Alternatively, you could draw your inspiration from profiles of people working in completely different industries. 

Tip 3: Write a summary that will make readers keen to find out more about you

In your LinkedIn profile, you have the option of writing a summary about your professional experience. This is where you can showcase your professional accomplishments and describe your previous positions and job history. Choose between three and five keywords, ideally from your profile headline, and use these to write something that will really make your readers keen to find out more about you.

Tip 4: Give your LinkedIn profile a personal touch

One thing a professional LinkedIn page definitely needs is a background image. This will give your profile a personal touch, and it will help you stand out from other people. Make sure the picture you choose has something to do with your professional passion. 

Tip 5: Modify your profile’s URL

Have you noticed your LinkedIn profile’s URL features an odd string of letters and numbers after your name, something along the lines of ? This is easy to change by simply modifying the URL in your personal settings: This modified URL will now make a better impression when you share it. 

Tip 6: Be contactable

In your public profile, you can decide what parts of your profile people can see if they are not logged in. The more of your profile you allow people who aren’t your contacts to see, the more open you appear to being contacted, and so the easier it is to network. After all, it is only by being visible on LinkedIn that you will get noticed. 

Tip 7: Keep active

Networks like LinkedIn are only attractive if its members are active. Keep updating your status on a regular basis and share any relevant information with your contacts. For instance, when you share an article, perhaps you could write a brief comment on why you’re sharing it, or why the article interests you (or not). You should also actively involve your network, perhaps by asking questions about your posts. 

Tip 8: Connect with other people

By connecting with other people, you will increase your chances of receiving contact requests yourself, which will, in turn, help you expand your network. As a general rule, you should only connect with people you have had contact with at least once before. This way, you can prevent your feed getting cluttered with irrelevant articles, and you keep the size of your network genuine. 

Tip 9: Ask for recommendations

Recommendations from former managers, colleagues or professional partners can help boost your profile’s credibility. Two or three recommendations is a good start. There are always good opportunities for getting these recommendations, for example, when you’ve successfully completed a project, or if you’re changing positions internally or changing employer. And make sure you think about your own contacts and write recommendations for them too. 

Tip 10: Join suitable LinkedIn groups or set one up yourself

There are a number of exciting groups on LinkedIn that are dedicated to your profession. By joining these groups, you are emphasizing your own expertise and how passionate you are about what you do. At the same time, this also helps you keep up to date with what’s going on in the industry. You can share your own knowledge and benefit from the expertise of people in the same profession as you. If you can’t find a suitable group, you can set one up yourself. 

Having a solid LinkedIn profile certainly requires some effort, but investing in your own digital business card is worth it. 

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