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Created on 31.08.2023 | Updated on 03.05.2024

Paying online with PostFinance Pay – what’s changing?

PostFinance Pay makes online payments even faster and more convenient. Soon you will need only the PostFinance App to make payments in Swiss online shops. Find out in this article what PostFinance Pay is all about and what it means for you as a PostFinance customer.

Digital payment methods are becoming increasingly popular

Being able to shop outside opening hours, having goods conveniently delivered to your home and saving time: these are the most important reasons why online shopping is becoming increasingly popular. According to figures from the (Swiss Retailers’ Association), the GfK market research institute and Swiss Post, around 12 percent of all products purchased from retailers in Switzerland last year were bought online. However, according to a The link will open in a new window Comparis survey, it is not only online shopping that has continued to grow, but also trust in digital payment methods. An example of this is the PostFinance Card.

Online payments via the PostFinance App

If you prefer to pay for your online purchases via PostFinance, we have good news for you: PostFinance Pay is coming soon – the new payment method in online shops that requires only your PostFinance App and e-finance access. By the end of 2025, PostFinance Pay will be introduced in all online shops offering PostFinance as a payment method. Some major retailers and service providers such as PubliBike, Denner AG and Infomaniak have already successfully implemented PostFinance Pay as early adopters. A further 800 online shops offer PostFinance Pay for payment processing. With PostFinance Pay, the two existing payment methods for online shops – the “PostFinance Card” and “PostFinance E-Finance” – are being combined to improve the customer experience.

What is PostFinance Pay?

PostFinance Pay is the easy, modern way to pay in online shops, providing intuitive payment processes in accordance with the latest security standards. With PostFinance Pay, you can approve your purchases in the PostFinance App.

How PostFinance Pay will work

  • When you use your smartphone to pay with PostFinance Pay in the future, the PostFinance App will open automatically and prompt you to log in to the app. A screen will then appear where you can approve the payment.
  • If you are sitting at your computer and choose to pay via desktop, a QR code will appear in the online shop’s payment screen. After scanning it, the PostFinance App will prompt you to log in to approve the payment.

The advantages of online payments with the PostFinance Pay extensions

Advantage 1: No more typing in card details

If you have already made online payments using the “PostFinance Card” or “PostFinance E-Finance” payment methods, PostFinance Pay will mean less work for you. You won’t have to type in your card details or take out your yellow card reader to pay in online shops.

Advantage 2: Store your debit card for future and recurring online payments

PostFinance Pay allows you to register in online shops and apps. This is worthwhile in online shops where you shop regularly: once all your details are stored, you can authorize payment for your next purchases with a single click. For recurring payments, such as subscription extensions, the online payment is even executed automatically.

Advantage 3: Always have an overview of your transactions

The e-finance cockpit and PostFinance App provide you with a quick overview of the online shops where you have set up PostFinance Pay as a recurring payment method.

Advantage 4: Keep limits under control yourself

You can adjust the monthly and daily limits for your payments yourself in e-finance. This gives you even more control over your finances. The standard limits are set at 10,000 francs per day and 15,000 francs per month, and these can be increased in e-finance to a maximum of 15,000 francs per day and 20,000 francs per month.

What do you need to use PostFinance Pay?

To make online payments in future, you will need a PostFinance account and the PostFinance App, where you can log in quickly and securely – even using Face ID or fingerprint.

Don’t have the PostFinance App yet?

Take the opportunity now to download the PostFinance App onto your smartphone with just a few clicks. This means that you will be well prepared to start paying with PostFinance Pay. After a transitional period, it will only be possible to pay for online purchases using the PostFinance App.

Useful information

PostFinance Pay has been gradually introduced in online shops since July 2023.

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