PostFinance Pay

Online payments made easy

With PostFinance, you can pay for your purchases quickly and securely, no matter what online shop you’re in. What do you need to do this? Your PostFinance App PostFinance Pay is the new payment solution in online shops. The two payment methods “PostFinance e-finance” and “PostFinance Card” are now being combined and enhanced.

PostFinance Pay: for quicker, more secure payments

  • Pay in all Swiss online shops that accept PostFinance payment methods

  • Approve transactions and payments with the PostFinance App

  • Adjust monthly and daily limits in e-finance

  • Save PostFinance Pay for recurring payments

  • Make payments without having to enter card details

What’s changing

Previously, there were two ways to pay for an online purchase using the PostFinance Card. With the payment methods “PostFinance Card” and “PostFinance e-finance”, you could select your preferred way to pay. You would confirm the authentication of an online payment using the PostFinance App, a card reader or with Mobile ID.

With PostFinance Pay, these payment methods are gradually being combined, and the features enhanced. This new payment process does not require your card number or a card reader. With PostFinance Pay, you can confirm transactions and payment method registrations online with ease using the PostFinance App.

  • PostFinance Pay is free of charge. You need the PostFinance App to use it.

    • Online shops are being switched over to PostFinance Pay in coordination with those partners who are making the digital checkout solution available to retailers. The switchover will be completed by the end of 2025 at the latest.

    • You use the PostFinance App to authenticate online payments.

    • During a parallel phase, all three payment methods will be available in the online shop. After that, the payment methods “PostFinance Card” and “PostFinance e-finance” will be deactivated in the online shop. From this point onwards, online payments will no longer be possible without the PostFinance App.

    • Yes, this is still possible providing the online shop offers this as an option.

    • The standard limits are set at 10,000 francs a day and 15,000 francs a month. These limits can be modified in e-finance and increased to a maximum of 15,000 francs a day and 20,000 francs a month.