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Created on 12.11.2018

Make payment easy for customers – with an e-bill

With e-bill light even SMEs sending a small number of invoices each year can avoid paper-based invoicing. All you have to do now is upload a self-created PDF file.

Traditional invoices in letter form with a printed inpayment slip incur high costs  – for the bank, the invoice issuer and the customer. They are somewhat outdated in an increasingly digitized economy. Companies have had an alternative available for some time with electronic invoicing: they send their invoices as a data file to PostFinance or enter it online on e-bill light. The invoice recipient pays in just a few clicks. Processing costs are also reduced on both sides thanks to automated accounts payable and accounts receivable processing. It’s very successful: experience has shown that e-bill recipients  settle their invoices  more promptly. 

SMEs can now also enjoy these benefits without having to change their processes. Invoicing is simpler than ever before. e-bill light provides  invoice issuers  with a smooth introduction to a future digital invoicing system with e-bill from PostFinance. They can easily gain access to digital storage that complies with the law.

A simple step: from PDF to e-bill

e-bill light is a browser-based application which allows you to easily create electronic invoices.   Invoice issuers can register online and send e-bills directly without any activation process. The invoices generated and signed are kept in the archive for ten years. 

The “Quickly create e-bill” function now allows you to upload invoices that you have created yourself in PDF format. Simply enter the amount, due date and an order reference on the e-bill light and add the original invoice as a PDF.

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