Electronic invoice, eBill and Paper Bill

Digital invoices: easy and efficient

No matter whether you want to send and receive digitized invoices or optimize mailing of your paper invoices: with electronic invoices for business customers, eBill for private customers and Paper Bill for sending invoices by post, we offer you solutions from a single source.

The advantages for you when you digitize invoices

Reduce your costs

You save yourself having to enter invoices manually in your accounting system when you receive digital invoices. You reduce your workload by digitizing your processes and you can automate repetitive tasks. There are also no printing, shipping or paper costs associated with sending digital invoices.

Save valuable time

With digital invoices, you avoid having to send letters or e-mails. In this way, you ensure that data can be processed immediately – without having to type in anything. Potential for errors is also reduced with each intermediate step that is eliminated.

Protect the environment

Sending paper invoices not only costs money and time, but also has a negative impact on the environment. With digital invoices, you reduce paper consumption and cut back on CO2 emissions caused by postal delivery. In other words, a classic win-win situation.

Send and receive invoices digitally with electronic invoices and eBill

Send electronic invoices digitally

Simplify your life by sending your invoices electronically – either as an electronic invoice directly into your business customers’ system or as an eBill into your private customers’ e-banking. In this way, you also save on paper, printing and postage costs and benefit from a higher delivery rate.

Receive electronic invoices conveniently via an interface

Receive your invoices directly in your accounting system. This does away with manual data entry processes and significantly shortens turnaround and processing times. The effort and cost of processing incoming invoices is reduced by up to 60 percent at the same time.

Outsource invoice mailing with Paper Bill

Outsource your postal invoice mailing efficiently and securely. We take care of the printing, mailing and returns management of your paper invoices for you. You save on time and costs.

    • You can send and receive invoices electronically via the eInvoicing portal, and manage your data and settings for e-bill yourself. New e-bill customers can register for the service directly online.

      The link will open in a new window eInvoicing portal login

    • E-bill light is ideal if you only send a few invoices each year and do not have your own software. Registration and invoice recording are done online.

      The link will open in a new window E-bill light login

    • Benefits for invoice issuers:

      • Shortened payment deadlines, faster receipt of payment
      • Cost savings (low shipping costs, easy payment collection)
      • Less paper consumption
      • High data quality (no ISR enquiries)
      • Improved payment behaviour of invoice recipients, which means lower costs and less effort for reminder processes
      • Meeting a growing need among customers

      Benefits for invoice recipients:

      • No manual entry of invoice details
      • All invoices available electronically at any time
      • Automation of invoice processing
      • Payment transactions via existing processes
      • Easy tracing of all actions
      • Cost and time savings (faster processes/processing)
      • Option of electronic archiving (on your systems) and forwarding within your company
    • Ideally you should have a piece of software you can use to create your invoices, which you can then send to PostFinance via an interface. Alternatively, you can also create QR-bills and send these in PDF format via the eInvoicing portal.

    • When sending and receiving electronic invoices, each transaction incurs a fee. The price depends on the number of e-bills sent and/or received per month.

      • You benefit from free advice and our support. Transactions amounting to CHF 8 are included free of charge each month in the price level of up to 1,000 invoices.
      • The eInvoicing portal is free to use.
      • PostFinance helps you free of charge to attract new eBill recipients using the “Look-up” and “Invoice issuer registration” web services. Find out more in our best practice guidelines “The link will open in a new window Attract more customers for eBill (PDF)”. More information on Acquiring eBill recipients.
    • In Switzerland, various players are involved in sending and receiving electronic invoices:

      • Software partners offer business software (ERP) through which invoices can be created and processed
      • E-invoicing providers receive digital invoice data and forward it to the right recipient
      • Network partners forward digital invoices to the eBill platform, which is implemented in 99 percent of Swiss financial institutions
      • Financial institutions provide your customers with access to eBill services in e-banking/e-finance

      PostFinance not only has a wide network of software partners whose software provides an interface with PostFinance for sending and receiving digital invoices, PostFinance is also an e-bill provider, an eBill network partner and an eBill-affiliated bank. This means it offers a one-stop shop for all things e-billing.

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