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Created on 23.06.2022 | Updated on 05.07.2022

Automated payment collection with tilbago and e-bill: official invoices can now be processed automatically

Does your company often have to deal with open receivables where the only option is debt collection? The tilbago online payment collection solution, a PostFinance innovation participation, guides companies fully automatically through the debt collection process. Even official advance invoices are now transferred automatically via e-bill to the ERP system for further processing.

According to the Federal Statistical Office, around 2.8 million payment orders were issued in Switzerland in 2021. Chasing open invoices is an unpleasant task for creditors and also generates additional administrative workload. The process is complex and requires special expertise. For this reason, many companies, organizations and administrations outsource management of their debt collection to external collection agencies for a fee. But digitization and an innovative business concept have enabled a different approach: Since October 2016, tilbago has been offering users the opportunity to easily take control of payment collection proceedings  for themselves.

Fully automated debt collection process

Tilbago is an intelligent automated payment collection solution that guides creditors step by step and automatically through the entire debt collection process – from the debt collection proceedings to the conclusion of the case or receipt of the certificate of loss. This means that companies, administrations and organizations can have a complete overview of the status of outstanding receivables at all times. Over 1,500 creditors from a wide variety of industries now use tilbago for their payment collection process. As an innovation investment from PostFinance, tilbago is always analysing new opportunities arising from market changes, specification adjustments or technological advances, and continuously exploits digitization potential in the debt collection process.

How intelligent is tilbago?

Tilbago is a software-as-a-service platform that can be used by companies to automatically process their debt collection processes, saving time and money in their payment collection proceedings. After free registration, credit can be topped up to launch debt collection cases. Because tilbago uses artificial intelligence, it recognizes, for example, for which debtors the company must take further steps in order to get its money back as soon as possible.

New: even official bills can be processed digitally via e-bill.

Tilbago customers who use e-bill (see information box) now no longer have to worry about further processing of official bills. Public offices issue such invoices, for example, as part of a payment order, legal proceedings or a price threat in the event of continuation of the debt collection in order to collect advance payments from the creditor. “We at tilbago have taken advantage of the new rule that all public offices now send these invoices to creditors electronically rather than by post to make life even easier for our customers,” explains tilbago CEO David Fuss. “Creditors who work with e-bill and tilbago can now receive these official invoices electronically and process them automatically in their existing accounts payable processes”. This further automates the company’s accounts payable process. Creditors can also fully automate the posting of incoming debtor payments to debt collection offices in their software solution.

The e-bill solution allows companies, organizations and administrations to send invoices directly to their customers’ ERP via their own business software and receive their suppliers’ invoices directly in their own business software. PostFinance business customers benefit from a state-of-the-art eInvoicing portal with enhanced features for processing e-bills.

Why use tilbago to process debt collections? Benefits at a glance

  • Intuitive user guidance: As a creditor, you will be guided step-by-step and automatically through the debt collection process, including immediate online verification of your entries and debtor data. You do not need any expert knowledge of your own.
  • Constant 24/7 monitoring of your cases: Allows you to react immediately to any changes.
  • Everything in real time: Rapid digital processing of debt collection via electronic communication with the debt collection offices in accordance with the eSchKg  electronic standard in real time. 
  • No commitment: You only pay a fixed price per operation (no installation fee).
  • High data security: PostFinance AG is responsible for hosting.
  • Immediate use: You can get started on your first debt collection case as soon as you register.
  • Constant customer contact: You appear as a creditor to your debtors.


What’s the best way for companies to react when customers do not pay outstanding invoices?

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