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Created on 30.05.2022

IT jobs: What exactly does a developer in test data management do?

Working as a developer in test data management requires a willingness to immerse yourself in specialist areas and to get to grips with the latest developments, like anonymization and mass data, and in return, the role offers the chance to make a big difference. Test data manager Beat Keller provides the inside track on this exciting role with PostFinance.

Beat, what exactly is test data management all about?

Test data management provides tools (such as software for generating synthetic data or customer actions) and test data that enables the development and testing teams to do their jobs. Testers can only carry out their tests if they have access to the right test data, and development teams can only develop their software properly if they have good sample data for new products. The solutions we provide allow our internal customers to access the data they need.

Where exactly is test data management used?

In many different areas. A good, clear example is the testing of credit card payments, which involves checking whether the payments are processed correctly in the system. Our job is to make sure that testers can generate synthetic customers at the click of a button that they can load into their testing system themselves in order to conduct tests based on this data. In other words, we provide data that behaves as if an actual customer were in the system. To do this, we vet the relevant processes in advance with internal and external bodies, and implement the functionalities required in our tools so that we can provide them to the testers. Another example is fund consulting and e-trading from the investment sector. We’re currently implementing automations and making these accessible on testing and development systems, the idea being to save time and effort when it comes to data provision and to ultimately reduce the time to market for new products.

What makes working in test data management at PostFinance so exciting?

First of all, in the wide range of areas we get to work on in test data management. We work with many different internal specialist units, and have to gain an in-depth understanding of their challenges. That’s the only way we can actually understand the needs of our customers, and provide them with effective support for the challenges they face by delivering accurate, high-quality data. A developer providing functions in the mortgage sector, for instance, needs to be very familiar with the business rules and to know when to apply which interest rate and so on. This is exciting, but also challenging as it’s vitally important not to lose focus on implementation because of everything else you have to deal with.

How can developers benefit from applying for a job in test data management?

The areas we work in involve the latest major developments, for instance anonymization and data synthesization, which are related to data protection and security, and processing large quantities of data. You also have the opportunity to use modern tools and development languages, and to adopt an agile approach. What’s more, data and test data are becoming increasingly important topics in general, much like fuel in a car – it’s essential. Companies face a major challenge getting the data quality and format they need. You can make a real impact in this area.

Why would you recommend working in test data management at PostFinance to a developer?

PostFinance’s strategy leans heavily towards product digitization and innovation. You can sense this on the market, but also as an employee. This is why PostFinance is also investing in a robust, modern culture of cooperation, for instance by incorporating an agile working method.


Beat Keller

Beat Keller works as a ScrumMaster in test data management for PostFinance.

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