SC Rapperswil Jona Lakers

This is where young players hit their stride

The SC Rapperswil Jona Lakers provide professional support to their young players. The club uses Top Scorer funds to transport these players to away matches.

By promoting young talent, SC Rapperswil Jona Lakers hopes to get children and teenagers into sport and exercise, and to provide them with a meaningful hobby. Together with their partner clubs, the SC Rapperswil Jona Lakers allow young hockey enthusiasts to play the sport they love, and provide youngsters with the best possible support as they progress as players. This is where PostFinance’s Top Scorer funds come in: they go towards transport costs for taking young players to away matches throughout Switzerland, and towards upkeep of the buses used. By providing these kids with professional training, the club wants to be able to play in the highest performance categories at all levels in the future as well. At the same time, the club promotes social skills and team spirit in its young players.


Number of children
350 (10 girls, 340 boys)
Number of teams
Youngest team member
7 years of age
5 full-time coaches and 25 volunteer coaches
Training sessions
42 team training sessions, 4 aptitude training sessions and 1 hockey school training session a week
  • Date of birth: 20.10.2013
    Playing ice hockey since: October 2017

    “What I like most about hockey is seeing my friends and playing matches together. I can be so fast playing ice hockey. Doing “tricks” with the stick and puck, ball and stuff like that is really fun – especially if my best friend is there as well. My role model is our coach Daniel Herlea because he teaches us how to really play ice hockey.”

  • Date of birth: 23.05.2005
    Playing ice hockey since: May 2010

    “What I really like about hockey is the fact everything is just so fast, and you have to work as a team. Ice hockey isn’t my hobby, but my passion. My idol is Auston Matthew.”

  • Date of birth: 20.02.2006
    Playing ice hockey since: October 2013

    “I like playing as a team and facing other teams. Hockey means everything to me. It’s my passion, and I’m doing everything to make my dream of becoming a pro goalie a reality. My biggest role model is Carey Price.”

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