GCK/ZSC Lions junior section

The next generation of great goal scorers

The making of goal-scoring legends: the GCK/ZSC Lions junior section is investing PostFinance’s Top Scorer funding in areas such as improving the shooting technique of its young players.

The youth section of the GCK/ZSC Lions wants to get youngsters into ice hockey, and to provide them with quality training in the sport. The club has invested some of the Top Scorer money in an additional skill coach working part-time, whose job it is to work on the shooting technique of young players during team/further training sessions. The club also invests money in providing training for assistant and professional coaches. In addition to improving players’ technique, the GCK/ZSC Lions junior section also stresses the importance of values such as team spirit, commitment and passion. The youngsters are given responsibility early on in a fun way, which in turn allows them to grow as people in the tasks and challenges they face.


Number of children
760 (63 girls, 697 boys)
Number of teams
Youngest team member
5 years of age
Training sessions
64 sessions per week
  • Date of birth: 04.12.2005
    Playing ice hockey since: December 2012

    “What I like about ice hockey is that it’s a really tough, fast and tactical game, but also a team sport where every player has an important role to play. Ice hockey to me is all about fun, freedom, and hard work too. My role model is Sidney Crosby.”

  • Date of birth: 02.06.2014
    Playing ice hockey since: October 2019

    “I love everything about ice hockey really, especially pulling off and learning new tricks with the stick, the skating, scoring goals and the matches themselves. Hockey is about fun for me! I’m always sad whenever I can’t play. My idols are Wayne Gretzky, Connor McDavid and Nico Hischier.”

  • Date of birth: 21.09.2005
    Playing ice hockey since October 2019

    “I just love how dynamic the sport is and how different skills, such as tactical, technical and intelligent play, come together. I also love winning with the team and getting stronger after defeats. Ice hockey is my absolute passion, and I want to play professionally. My role model is Victor Hedman, a Swedish defender with the Tampa Bay Lightning.”

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