HC Lugano Sezione Giovanile

Perfect U-20 material

For proper training, you need decent equipment: to provide this, HC Lugano dips into PostFinance’s Top Scorer funds.

The youth wing of HC Lugano wants to get kids aged 3 and over into ice hockey, and it aims to get young talent into the U-20 squad without them having to neglect their vocational training. PostFinance’s Top Scorer funds are spent on training equipment, for instance a shooting range, training jerseys and match jerseys, and on a piece of software called “My Ice Hockey”. The organization makes sure its young players receive comprehensive training with a major focus on the game itself, respect, quality and intensity.


Number of children
382 (19 girls, 363 boys)
Number of teams
Youngest team member
4 years of age
8 full-time coaches and 24 volunteer coaches
Training sessions
50 per week
  • Date of birth: 05.09.2013
    Playing ice hockey since: 2020

    “I love meeting up with my teammates to train and win games! To me, ice hockey is about playing the game, having fun and friends. My role model is Luca Fazzini.”

  • Date of birth: 26.01.2011
    Playing ice hockey since: 2014

    “I like ice hockey because it’s a really enjoyable, fast-paced team sport. My dream is to become a pro ice hockey player. My role model is Gregory Hofmann because he’s quick, aggressive and strong. 

  • Date of birth: 20.05.2006
    Playing ice hockey since: 2009

    “It’s a fast game where it’s not just the abilities of each individual player that count, but the strength of the team as a whole. I also like the fact that the game has allowed me to meet people from other teams. Playing ice hockey to me means (occasionally really tough) training, friends, commitment, fun, getting tired, long journeys and happiness. My idol is Roman Josi.”

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