EV Zug

Mentally stronger on ice

EV Zug also shows a “Passion for success” in its youth programme. Using PostFinance’s Top Scorer funds, EV Zug also invests in a mental coach.

As a team with around 300 children and teenagers in its youth programme, who are supported by about 150 (mostly volunteer) coaches, supervisors and ice hockey officials, EVZ is one of the most important institutions in professional and recreational sport in Switzerland. The club invests PostFinance’s Top Scorer funds in a mental coach and in developing its “off-ice area” and training camp. EVZ helps young ice hockey athletes become ice hockey pros for one thing, whilst also providing many youngsters with a valuable activity they can enjoy in their free time. To give children from financially disadvantaged backgrounds the opportunity to participate in ice hockey as well, EVZ provides the financial support they need.


Number of children
427 (18 girls, 409 boys)
Number of teams
Youngest team member
4 years of age
6 professional coaches, 31 volunteer coaches
Training sessions
approx. 30–35 training sessions in total. Depending on the level, 2–6 training sessions per week
  • Date of birth: 25.11.2007
    Playing ice hockey since: August 2014

    “I like ice hockey because it’s a fast, aggressive sport. You can try all sorts of things out. Hockey means everything to me, and I really like being able to train after school. My role model is William Nylander. I really like his style of play.”

  • Date of birth: 23.01.2009
    Playing ice hockey since: May 2016

    “I really like how fast ice hockey games are. For me, ice hockey is all about playing as a team and having fun. My idol is Auston Matthew.”

  • Date of birth: 20.12.2009
    Playing ice hockey since: May 2017

    “What I really love about ice hockey is meeting up with my friends and having fun together! Hockey to me is a fast sport you can play with friends. My role model is Roman Josi.”

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