Ice hockey

Support for Swiss ice hockey

PostFinance has had close links with Swiss ice hockey for many years: With its sponsoring, the company supports Switzerland’s top two ice hockey leagues, the Women’s League and the National League, and especially junior ice hockey.

With PostFinance, the little ice hockey stars will be the next big thing.
Big commitment to little players
  • Since the 2022/23 season, PostFinance, in its role as main and naming rights partner, has been committed to the top Swiss women’s league, the “PostFinance Women’s League”.

  • Since 2001, PostFinance has been the main partner of the National League, the highest male ice hockey league in Switzerland.

  • Since 2002, the Top Scorers in the National League clubs have been scoring points for the juniors. All hockey fans know the players with the blazing helmets. For each goal and the first and second assist, the Top Scorers get one point. One point scored equates to CHF 300. This money is earmarked for the young talent fund of the relevant National League club.

  • In addition to its other commitments, PostFinance supports individual National League clubs with direct sponsoring.

  • As a complement to its strong partnership in ice hockey, PostFinance acquired the right to the name of the Bern Arena. Since 16 August 2007, the temple to ice hockey in Berne has been called the PostFinance Arena. PostFinance secured the name rights to the stadium until 2023.

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