SCB Future AG

On enabling young players to make it to the top

Every season, PostFinance’s Top Scorer funds are invested in the club’s young players. SC Bern has, for instance, used this money to fund a new climbing wall – and many other projects that help its young talent.

For over 70 years now, SC Bern has been promoting young talent with its own junior section, which today is called SCB Future AG. PostFinance’s Top Scorer funds are welcome support that are invested directly into up-and-coming talent specifically for things such as synthetic ice, a gym, a climbing wall, ice for during the summer, power skating coaches and equipment for novices. Being a professionally run sports organization that is important to the Bern region, SCB Future AG gives around 270 children the opportunity to dive into the captivating world of ice hockey. The children have lots of fun learning about the technical, tactical and physical components that make up ice hockey. At the same time, they are taught values, such as team spirit, respect and passion so they can grow as people.


Number of children
270 (15 girls, 255 boys)
Number of teams
Youngest team member
5 years of age
50 coaches, 30 support staff, physios, equipment etc., 25 timekeepers and 20 referees
Training sessions
40 on-ice training sessions and 20 off-ice training sessions per week (all levels)
  • Date of birth: 21.10.2006
    Playing ice hockey since: October 2010

    “What I really like about ice hockey is the fact it’s a team sport where everyone looks out for one another. Hockey means everything to me as I grew up with the sport, and I’ve had some really great memories. Florence Schelling is my role model.”

  • Date of birth: 12.05.2013
    Playing ice hockey since: October 2017

    “I especially love when we have matches. Hockey to me is about having a laugh with friends. My role model is my big brother.”

  • Date of birth: 19.03.2008
    Playing ice hockey since: September 2013

    “I love the thrill of competition and using my skills to help my team get a win. I’m happiest when I’m playing ice hockey. Hockey is a way for me to express myself, and is an escape for me. I can work on my own skills. When I’m on the ice, nothing else matters. My idol is Pavel Datsyuk.”

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