Risk insurance

Security for everyone

With risk insurance from PostFinance, you protect your dependants against the financial consequences of your death, or yourself against loss of earnings in the event of incapacity to work.

Benefit nowBenefit now

We will give you one monthly premium free of charge (up to a maximum of 1,000 francs) if you take out a risk insurance plan in a PostFinance branch by 30 April 2024.

Risk insurance: just in case

  • Protection against the financial consequences of death or incapacity to work

  • In the event of death: guaranteed capital to provide security for your dependants; insurance sum constant or decreasing

  • In the event of incapacity to work: guaranteed pension as supplementary income

  • Regular premium payments: monthly, quarterly, half-yearly or annually

  • Services

    This insurance entitles you to receive replacement income in the form of a regular pension if you are unable to work due to illness or injury.

    • Payment in the event of incapacity to work: The pension depends on the extent of incapacity to work. Benefits are paid if the extent of incapacity is 25% or more. The pension amount is based on the specific extent of incapacity. If the extent of incapacity is more than 66%, the insured person is entitled to receive a full pension.
    • Payment on maturity or death: You or your beneficiaries receive the surplus accumulated on the relevant date unless you have decided to use the bonus to reduce your premiums.


    • Guaranteed regular income
    • Duration of pension payments can be determined individually
    • Optimal harmonization of insurance with state and employee benefits
    • Compatible with fixed (pillar 3a) and flexible (pillar 3b) retirement savings plans
    • Any available surplus can be used to reduce premiums
    • Pensions already start with occupational disability of 25%
    • Can be combined with your retirement provision
  • Options

    • Constant capital payable on death: The insured capital payable on death remains the same throughout the insurance term. This life insurance is therefore particularly suitable for providing financial security for your dependants (e.g. family, partner/spouse or business partner).
    • Decreasing capital payable on death: The insured capital payable on death decreases by the same amount each year. This option is therefore particularly suitable for providing financial security for a debt that must be amortized (e.g. mortgage or business loan).


    • Payment on death: If the insured person dies during the contractual period, the beneficiaries receive the guaranteed capital payable on death.
    • No payment is due if the contract has expired, as there is no savings component.


    • Capital available immediately in the event of your death
    • Risk-adjusted rates
    • Optional: premium waiver in the event of incapacity to work
    • Pillar 3a with tax privileges or pillar 3b
    • Contracts can be concluded for two people as flexible retirement savings (pillar 3b)
    • Can be combined with retirement provision for your individual savings goals
    • Adjustments are possible at any time
  • Financial security

    Financial security or financing home ownership.

    Beneficiary clause

    Regulated by law for pillar 3a; may be chosen freely and modified in writing at any time for pillar 3b.

    Privileged inheritance status

    Life insurance capital does not form part of the deceased’s estate, but is paid out to the beneficiary directly. Beneficiaries who are family members receive the insurance benefit even if they renounce their inheritance.

    Privileged protection

    To ensure their suitability as family retirement provisions, life insurance policies enjoy a privileged legal status in the event of bankruptcy or debt collection proceedings.

    Pillar 3a:

    Life insurance claims cannot be pledged before they are due.

    Pillar 3b:

    Provided the spouse/registered partner, children or parents are beneficiaries, life insurance claims may be pledged before they are due, or included in the bankruptcy estate of the policyholder.

  • PostFinance offers life insurance as part of your private retirement savings (pillar 3a/3b) in cooperation with AXA.

  • With life insurance policies offered in cooperation with AXA, policyholders enjoy privileged protection. Insurance companies are obliged to cover claims under life insurance policies at all times as these are regarded as tied assets. If AXA were to become insolvent, securities (mathematical reserve and surplus share) from ongoing contracts would primarily be transferred to another insurance company which would take over responsibility for continuing the policies. If no transfer to a new insurance company takes place, the entitled persons receive the contractually guaranteed redemption value. Insurance companies are subject to supervision by the Swiss Financial Market Supervisory Authority (FINMA), which ensures the solvency of insurers and protects insured persons against abusive practices.

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