PostFinance car insurance

Carefree when travelling in everyday life and on holiday

With PostFinance car insurance, we guarantee you trouble-free mobility with the very best terms. Take out insurance online, manage your payments and file claims in just a few minutes. By choosing from our very attractive offers, you can tailor your coverage to your own needs.

The advantages for you:

  • Permanently low prices

  • TOP insurance coverage − other optional extras

  • Free choice of garage in the event of a claim

  • Three-month cancellation period – no risk

  • Available 24 hours a day via modern online cockpit

  • Only available from us: environmental option to offset CO2 footprint

  • Basic package

    Liability insurance

    Liability insurance is required by law and covers damage caused to other people, vehicles, buildings or the environment by the insured vehicle.

    Liability insurance and partial coverage

    Partial coverage also includes damage caused by natural hazards, fire and theft, as well as glass damage to the owner’s vehicle.

    Liability insurance, partial coverage and full coverage

    Full coverage also includes collision damage to the owner’s vehicle. Full coverage is required for leased vehicles.


    Broaden your coverage to include the following:

    Parking damages

    Your insurance will cover damage caused by unknown individuals to your parked vehicle.

    Vehicle legal protection

    Your insurance will cover legal disputes that arise from the use of the insured vehicle.

    Personal belongings

    Your insurance will cover damage to or theft of personal belongings that you are carrying with you in your car.

    Gross negligence

    If you drive negligently in road traffic and thereby cause an accident, the insurance company is entitled to reduce the claims payments. By expanding your insurance to cover gross negligence, we will refrain from recourse or a reduction in benefits for damage caused by gross negligence (this does not apply if you are under the influence of alcohol, drugs or medication).

    Glass breakage in headlights

    Your insurance will cover damaged or broken headlights, tail lights, indicators, bulbs and LEDs.

    Value supplement

    In the event of a total loss or theft, the current value plus a supplement will be compensated.

    Roadside assistance

    Our roadside service is there to help you if you have a vehicle breakdown, lose your keys or run out of petrol anywhere in Europe.

    Personal accident insurance

    This extends coverage to the vehicle occupants in the event of consequential damage after an accident.

    CO2 option

    Do your bit for the environment by offsetting your CO2 emissions. If you choose this option, every kilometre you drive will support a “south pole” project we have selected. One of the aims of this socio-economic project is to tackle unnecessary CO2 emissions.

  • You can calculate your own personal premium easily and without obligation using the premium calculator. We always assume the lowest insurance grade and do not use complicated models such as the bonus/penalty system in your favour. These premiums can either be paid on a quarterly basis, every six months or on a yearly basis. You can cancel your insurance with a notice period of three months.

    You can take out PostFinance car insurance if the most frequent driver is at least 20 and has had a driving licence for at least two years.

    1. Determine the termination date for the current insurance policy. The conditions can be found in the policy or in the General Terms and Conditions of Insurance (GTCI). Usually, the notice period is three months before the end of the annual contract term.
    2. Enter your details in the The link will open in a new window Premium Calculator and calculate your premium. Under commencement of cover, enter the end date of the current policy.
    3. You can take out PostFinance car insurance online in just a few minutes.
    4. Cancel your current insurance policy: you can use our The link will open in a new window termination letter template for this.
    5. We will send your proof of insurance to the road traffic department in your canton.
    6. Report the change of insurance policy to the road traffic department: The electronic proof of insurance will be transmitted automatically by us to the road traffic department in your canton. You can register the vehicle by going in person with the old registration document to the road traffic department approximately four to five days before the date you entered for the change of insurance, or by sending the registration document by post.
  • FAQs

    Contact PostFinance Insurance

    Calls from Switzerland 
    0848 117 799 (max. CHF 0.08/min. in Switzerland)

    Calls from abroad 
    +41 58 667 14 00 (at telecom provider’s international rate)

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